Recycling plants Essay

Please explain, in your own words, the most common characteristics of recycling programsWaste management has been an issue baffling many towns and cities around the world and therefore waste recycling has been very important if we are to conserve the environment today. For this to be achievable, the relationship between the local government and businesses must be of mutual understanding to contain waste disposal. The following characterize many waste recycling programs in businesses and communities in their approaches to waste management: waste recycling planning, waste diversion, source separation, landfill and product bans, takeback and procurement requirements, land use permit conditions, zoning and enforcement issues (Ca.

Gov 1).On recycling planning requirements, the local government provides a handbook via which businesses can bring forth their suggestions on waste recycling methods. The business recycling plan show recyclable materials, space set for the materials and the person coordinating the recycling plan. It not only encourages innovation on recycling programs but also helps on efficiency and reduces costs for every one. Waste diversion is another characteristic of the programs where businesses achieve a certain goal to participate in specific recycling programs, in which it must achieve recycling two materials and conduct other two waste reduction programs. Source separation is another crucial point on recycling programs where separation of the designate recyclable materials is done at the source. Most recyclable materials include; office paper, cartons, newspapers and paper waste (Ca.Gov 1).

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This recyclable waste is mixed together in transparent plastic bag, but kept separate from garbage.Other common characteristics of the recycling programs are the landfill and product bans. Businesses are banned from using or producing certain products as part of implementation of the recycling plans. In most countries polythene bags and other packaging that is not recyclable are being phased out because they are indegradable. Landfill bans on the other hand stimulate the reuse and recycling of waste. This addresses the issue of illegal dumping and requires the participation of all affected parties to be affective in implementation. Certain waste may also be banned from being dumped from the landfill. Takeback and procurement requirements are other characteristics of recycling programs.

Ca.Gov points out that, Local government can advocate procurement requirements for eco-friendly products and recyclable products or make businesses receiving their support comply with their requirements (1). Through this requirement waste management is made easy as products that are in circulation are those that can be recycled. The takeback requirements involve the voluntary programs in collecting waste for a fee.

Another pilot program of the same involves returning the old products for instance computers to get the latest. This takeback program ensures that the old products are not dumped but brought back to be recycled.Lastly we have the land use permit conditions, zoning and enforcement issues. Local government is influential on land use by placing conditions to protect welfare and public health. Land use permit conditions are important as adherence to them ensures that waste is recycled but not other business conducted other than waste management. Through this, the recycling programs are more effective in the tonnage and higher success is achieved in the community.

Zoning on the other hand is regulated by the local government and includes procedures and policies the help in reuse and recycling operations. The siting of recycling facilities is in accordance with the conservation rules and should be near each other for the purposes of interdependence. To effect recycling of waste enforcement issues come in handy. Inspections on these on businesses ensure they adhere to rules and defaulters are charged to show the seriousness of the programs (Ca.Gov 1).

In conclusion, recycling of waste ensures that we not only save the diminishing natural resources but also the environment at large.Work citedCa.Gov.

Business Recycling Plans and Policies: Program Characteristics. December 28, 2007. June 22, 2009. <> 


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