Red Race and revolution Essay

            Race and revolution presents the reader with a deep insight towards slavery that was faced by Black Americans during the Revolutionary era. When reading the book, one would get to feel how a Black American had felt during that time and the life that they were forced to be in. There were many sad moments in the book that made the reader question how could another human being treat other human beings so badly? Apart from that, the author claims that slaves were not unaware of their situation and the society was aware of what was going on at that time. Furthermore, Staughton Lynd, a progressive historian in the 20th century established the fact that race issues were given very little attention. On the other hand, the author also claims that there were people in the society who supported abolition of slavery among Black Americans during the Revolutionary era. However, this attempt failed and the suffering of Black Americans continued.            This book changed my perception of what I had learnt earlier on about the Revolutionary era and its society. This makes me feel bad that Black Americans had to undergo so much of suffering during those times just because of their skin color.

However, towards the ending, the author clearly states that slavery should have and could have been abolished during that era itself. This creates a question of why didn’t those people abolish slavery since Black Americans are just like any other people in America, why were they treated differently?Reference:Nash, G.B. (1990).

Race and Revolution. Madison House Publishers.Pearson, S.R.(2009). Analytical Review of Race and Revolution by Gary B.

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