Redeveloping a website Essay

Mabarrack Furniture should indeed adopt the IT system, especially when selling to important accounts. Although the company is relatively new in the industry, it should be the case that the firm is open to adopting strategies that are promising and offer better alternatives and immediate solutions. Further, the performance of the company in terms of closing a sale—which takes about six months—should all the more prompt the company to device a new strategy in order to shorten this length of time. IT developments, for the most part, should be given proper consideration as it has been effective in some areas. The company should give ample time in order to analyze the profitability of the concept and its efficiency when applied. Once this is achieved, the firm can then arrive at a stand as to whether they are to finally adopt team selling or yet look for other alternatives.

With this monumental task, it is expected that the external environment of Mabarrack Furniture will share a relative fraction in the development and actions of the company as a form of internal response directed both inwards and outwards in response to these external environmental changes.  By giving the customers a feel that they are a part of the company and that their trust and loyalty is valued, the company’s website can post a daily interest rate for users who are to purchase a specific item.  Auctioning rare items may also attract the shoppers.  In such case, they are able to choose which items they want to have and the company shall be able to get a glimpse of the trend of the consumers.The “intensity of the rivalry among competitors” determines as well the overall performance of the company for the reason that the electronic and internet industry is filled with numerous competitors which then suggests that the volume of rivalry is indeed high. With a stiff rivalry in the electronic market, the tendency of the companies like Google and advertising in websites that offer search-engine-optimization is to provide better measures to attract more users and establish and preserve a reputable name. If the company is able to tap these websites, then the possibility of making Mabarack Furniture of becoming a household name is within reach.  Bloggers are also considered of good help in advertising.

  Hence, the difficulty with the intensity of rivalry rests on the company’s IT team’s capability to adapt to these circumstances.Ebay, for example, has been one of the key and primary leaders in the industry of the World Wide Web and in the essentials of buy and sell throughout the different parts of the planet by making electronic information easily reached and functional and they have proved themselves worthy of corporate praises. We therefore should utilize the same form of strategy if we intend to boost sales and improve our product’s name in the industry.The “economic forces” which reflects on the high number of both suppliers and buyers in the industry where the company belongs should also be given consideration. The strength to supply for the demand of information and searches from users depends on the proportional value or strength of the number of demands from users as well as from the number of competitors in the market. Thus, by having a huge number of contenders in the market, the bargaining capabilities will decrease proportionally and that the opposite is true as well.            Perceivably, social networking trends like Twitter, Facebook and Google Ads will serve the company well.  Contemporary masses are very much familiar of these services that if the company’s website is able to integrate and collaborate with these may enable a quick grasp and marketing epidemic to different ranges worldwide.

  What needs to be emphasized though is the security of online shopping and the assurance that the consumers will not only enjoy browsing the items in the website but be convinced of purchasing an item.BibliographyANDERSON, C. K. & WILSON, J. G.

(2003) Implications  Wait or Buy? The Strategic Consumer: Pricing and Profit Implications. The Journal of the Operational Research Society, 54, 299-306.UNDERHILL, P. (2000) Why We Buy: The Science Of Shopping, New York, NY, Simon & Schuster. 


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