Reducing Violent Crimes and Peer Pressure Essay

I. Reducing Violent CrimesA. Personal Interest with the Topic            I am extremely interested with the topic because I want to feel protected and secure; I want my family and friend to feel the same way too. Thus I would like to research on the aforementioned topic with the hope of attaining my ultimate objective, which is to somehow play a role in the reduction of violent crimes.B. Audience            I hope to make it interesting enough for my target audience: classmates, schoolmates, the community I belong to, as well as, my family and friends.

C. Controversies            Some of the most controversial issues related to the aforesaid topic are the following: 1) those who are supposed to be the key players in reducing violent crimes may engage in corruption, i.e., police officers, court, etc may accept “gifts” in exchange of a person’s freedom; and 2) those who are supposed to be the ones leading the reduction may be the ones who are actually doing it, i.

e. bank robbery, kidnapping, etc (Family Strengthening Coalition, 2005, n.p.).II. Peer PressureA.

Personal Interest with the Topic            I have been a victim of peer pressure once or twice in my life and I want to inform the succeeding generations so that they may know how to handle it better.B. Audience            My target audience includes the succeeding generations and other young people who are bound to experience “peer pressure”.

C. ControversiesPeer pressure controversies include: illegal drugs, alcohol, as well as, sex and unwanted pregnancy (Aspen Educational Group, 2007, n.p.).ReferencesAspen Education Group. (2007).

Peer Pressure. Retrieved January 20, 2009 from  

htmlFamily Strengthening Coalition. (2005). Reducing Violent Crime. Retrieved January 20, 2009from


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