Reed Boardall Essay

Reed Boardall            The Reed Boardall is a billion dollar company engages in the distribution of frozen and chilled foods to the entire main supermarket regional distribution centre in the UK. The company is the sole consolidator for the big six super market receiving and processing 260,000 orders a year equivalent to more than 1.5 million pallets and with a market value in excess of one billion pounds.

            Because of such large volume of orders and stocks, the company is facing logistical problems such warehouse capacity to accommodate new stocks coming particularly when particular delivery schedules are delayed. Apparently, the volumes of stocks coming are more than their capacity to deliver on a daily basis, thus, they need to “lower stocks” by providing a “shorter lead times – order to dispatch – late day one for early day two” (Case Study 6.1).            Although the company has sophisticated delivery equipments comprising of 140 vehicles all of which are under three year’s old and equipped with communication system and on board temperature and has passed the requirement to use “temperature measuring devices” and to set “maximum temperatures” (Zeuthen, P & Sorensen, L. B. 2003, p. 560), their problem is how to match the volumes of stocks coming on the day to day basis with deliveries in order not to file large stocks and to insure distribution of such commodities at the right time to meet each order’s deadline.

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            This problem is now under consideration and efforts are now in place to address the problem. Solutions include the development of a shared user network that will connect suppliers to retailers to set up partnership. This in turn will help facilitate faster stock replenishment.  Recommendations for future developments include the developments of live load and trace system; increased capacity and versatility of reefer trailers and extending the use of radio frequency identification from tractors to the products.ReferencesCase Study 6.1 Reed Boardall – Frozen and Chilled foods Distribution – ICTZeuthen, P.

& Sorensen L. P. (2003) Food Preservation Techniques England: Woodhead Publishing 


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