Reflect on what you have learned Essay

INTRODUCTIONThis paper will tell a lot about me.

Through the years I gained a lot of experiences but I don’t know how I will put those things together so that I could be a better person. However, this paper is limited to my experiences, those which I can still remember until now that I cam in college. If there is something I would always remember as I am making this paper that is for me to learn from my experiences.Who are you?I am a twenty-year-old student. I cannot really explain my personality as I know; someone’s personality should always come from other people.

This is a result of socialization. However, I would continue in describing myself. For twenty years, I lived with my parents. Maybe because I am the type of person who cannot live alone. Every time I decide to live independently, I would always go back to my parent’s arms.

I could say I have friends in school and in our community, but I think I am not the right person to say I have lots of friends.  As I have said a while ago, I should not describe my personality but instead other people should.I love writing and reading short stories only. I hate novels because it makes me bored easily. If I have time, I would watch movies. I would like to think that I am slowly learning a lot of techniques in computers and other gadgets. I am starting to love gadgets. But still, I cannot say I am the ‘techie’ type of person.

Where are you now?I am now a college student. I am still taking each goal one at a time. Of course, someday I want to excel in life, in whatever discipline I chose. When I entered college, learned to manage my time. People and activities are very demanding. I always want to engage into different activities in our university.

However, sometimes I can’t do all of them to the point that I sacrifice my studies. I know it is terribly wrong. That is why I learned to manage my time. I learned the skill of prioritizing the more important things. Another skill I learned when I entered college is checking the right time for studying.

I can say I am not always on the mood for studying. But this cannot happen in college. Unlike high school days wherein tests are scheduled, professors in college would give surprise tests. And I have to pass all of my subjects so I need to study everyday even though I am not in the mood. Recently, I found out that my body clock especially the functioning of my brain is at its most or top energy at around 4am to 8am. Alongside with the new skills I learned connected with my studies, of course, I learned other skills like cooking because I have to learn to cook in college since I am not living with my parents anymore.

Aside from that, I learned doing the laundry.3. What do you want to do?For several years of staying in college, I realized that I really want to put up a career in the healthcare field. At first, I wanted to be a caregiver. This interest grew up within me when I was exposed to the plight of old men and women in hospitals and care centers for the old. SO, what I did, every summer I volunteer in these institutions to show my care for these old people. But then, in school after my vacation I am back in the hospital as part of my studies.

There is one summer vacation where I didn’t go to these institutions due to some on-the-job training I need to accomplish at the hospital. It was my formal training as a nurse. When I was doing the training, I learned to love the job. And since my heart is close to old people, I would always volunteer to be assigned to the ward for old people. The patients there liked me.

They said they never had a nurse as kind as me. And it touched my heart. After that, I decided to finally spend my whole life in the hospital caring for the old people. Perhaps, my dream of becoming a caregiver has passed and now I can still continue my passion for caring for the old people but this time not in care centers but in hospitals.What obstacles will you face?I think the only obstacle that I will face if I decide to continue my job in the hospital field is, the fact that I need to stabilize my health.

Since I was a child, I have been in and out of the hospital. And I think if you want to be a health officer, a nurse for example in my case, I need to be healthy. I get sick easily.

Sometimes if my body cannot endure the change of weather, I get a flu suddenly.Lastly, of course every student like me would think that we don’t have enough experience and knowledge yet to face the profession or career we have chosen. This is the reason why we are still in college. The training is not yet over.When will you get there?I plan to get there after my one more year in college. Perhaps by now I am preparing by working in the hospital. I am planning to work in the hospital where I am staying now, perhaps because I know the patients here already.

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