Reflection Essay

Reflection            Writing is regarded as one of the fundamental learning skills that every student should learn. I can confidently say that I am an average writer.

I can write things that I wanted, merely to express my thoughts and opinions but not as prolific as the articles we often read in the papers.I begin writing by thinking thoughtfully of a subject matter to write. It should capture my interest and the topic must be something that I have knowledge on.

But when a topic is already given, I gauge myself if I knew something about the topic and if I do not know enough, I research for pertinent information necessary for the article. Sometimes I write spontaneously. In this way, I write about anything profound that suddenly think about.There are times that I am unsuccessful in making a good article so I have to revise the whole thing. Drafts enable me to see the errors that I may have overlooked as I work on the paper.

Outlines are also very helpful in organizing my thoughts and the flow of the ideas presented in the paper. When I research on topics that I fairly have knowledge on, I take notes of the important facts that should be included in the paper.I finish writing a paper depending on my mood and on how eager and enthusiastic I am about the topic. But whenever I procrastinate, which is sometimes inevitable, I have to meet the deadline for a particular requirements and I have no choice but to finish the paper. I write comfortably when I am alone so that I can concentrate mores on the topic that I am writing about.

I also prefer writing under the soothing music of my choice that is dependent on my mood and emotions.I find it difficult to write when I do not have an idea about the topic and I have to use some of my research skills which are very tedious for me. I find it easy to write when words tend to flow out of the tip of my pen when I am in the mood and I am very interested on the topic. Writing can also evoke various emotions.

But, whenever I write for schoolwork, I find it tiresome. But when I am writing for my journal, I feel my emotions light by expressing what I think.Checking for errors is important to make a good write-up.

My friends and family, not to mention, my mentors are the constant critics of my articles. Oftentimes, they give out constructive criticisms that help me improve my skills.Over the course of the semester, I have written a lot and almost about everything. It also gave me time to look over the status of my writing skills and how good or bad I am as a writer. I discovered that I needed to rehash my grammar and syntax to give out a flawless paper. This can be done with the use of grammar books.

The spell and grammar check application of the computer has always been very helpful. I also discovered that I needed to widen my vocabulary. Words are powerful tools in writing, as such, it is important in developing a good written material. I can improve these aspects by exposing myself more to various books and acquire words I may be able to utilize someday.

Essays that are within my interests are the easiest. The technical ones are the hardest to write. ENG 03 is a great subject that includes various activities that improved my writing.

One of which is writing about things we are less familiar with or that is outside of our likes and interests. There is always room for more improvement. If I practice a lot and develop or improve my weaknesses, my writing will surely be better that can be beneficial in the next subjects I will take or for my future college courses.


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