Reflection Essay

        This reflection paper will explain how I learned in the process as my group has progressed in the production of our group’s Final Report.  I will discuss about my initial understanding of a particular theory before my group has applied the same and what happened along the way on whether there are changes to be noted as we reach the goal of the group.  My initial understanding about the concepts of knowledge and wisdom is that one is different from the other.

  I had believed that the second is just the application of the latter.  However, I found something deeper about the relationships of the two concepts.        I have known that knowledge involves the use of strategy (Easterby-Smith and Lyles 2005, p500-580), to handle a given situation in the organization.  Knowledge must involve a person to take advantage information and the same must be useful in the organization in terms of different approaches under different situations. Knowledge would help in attaining the goals and objective of the organization.

  However, that knowledge itself is not enough if the correctness of decision is to be judged.  If wisdom is combined with knowledge, the effect is to broaden the perspectives while a decision is made or undertaken in the process of attaining organization goals and objectives (Christensen 2003, p26-47).        Wisdom has something to do more what knowledge can do in attaining the goals and objectives at any cost. The decision to attain a goal must be correct and the act requires the integration of values that should guide the process of conduct of activities in the organizations and societies such as attaining goals. To illustrate, it would not be correct to make the stockholders wealthier or to meet profit targets of the organizations if attained goals to result to destruction of the environment or lack of sustainability of life of the organization.

There are ethical and philosophical considerations that must refine what is a correct decision.  Responsibility also comes with a decision.       Wisdom, therefore as an added learning to me, is attaining unity in many things. To be able to see all things including the future as to the angles and perspective of certain decision would appear to be challenged by the argument that there are always two sides of a coin.

There are indeed advantages and disadvantages of every proposed action and to reconcile the seeming conflicts of the dichotomy must indeed require application of wisdom. In human terms indeed, questions or doubts could be raised after a certain decision, but one’s strength to live with the consequences of one’s decision must indeed be an exercise of wisdom.        I would say that this reflection has thought me to go deeper and that I am confident that our group has applied wisdom in making our final group report.  For us to agree on our final recommendation despite some differences and concerns at the back of each member’s mind, I believe we needed and applied wisdom in its most appropriate sense.References:Christensen P, 2003. Knowledge management: perspectives and pitfalls.

Copenhagen business school press DK.Easterby-Smith M & Lyles M, 2003. The Blackwell handbook of organizational learning and knowledge management. Blackwell publishers. 


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