Reflection Essay

       This is a reflective essay on how my learning progressed in the production of my group’s Final Report.

  I want to discuss or explain clearly about my initial understanding of a particular theory/ framework/approach before the application of the same by the group and the necessary progression that took along the way.  My impression at the start about the knowledge creation model is one that is fixed like a formula in a mathematical computation (Wenxi, 1994), where one would just plug in the necessary information, and the solution would come out as necessary result.       I discovered however that the term is something that is very flexible and could assume different form to different organization. As I reflect from the combination of the three terms “Knowledge”, “creation” and “model”, I came to realize the that word creation offers the flexibility in the application of the model.

  As the group members reflect on the meaning and application of the model, I have seen that indeed an organization could have a different knowledge creation model from other organizations. Since organizations vary as to aspects, people, skills and other components so as the type of knowledge creation model will be.       Part of the model is the different sources of knowledge, which may be formal and informal.

  The mere inclusion of informal source means the sources of knowledge could be unlimited in a sense but the value of the knowledge that would be use depends on the appreciation of the people who will make of the same.  The fact also that the source could also be formal would implies that the source of knowledge could be limited by how the organizational structure is designed for each organization making use of the model. An organizational structure could limit the flow of information (Bissell and Zamora, 1993) so that it could be very relevant in making sure that information or knowledge will be used.

         I found further that the knowledge creation model covers the absorption capacity of the organization and the various individuals in the organization.  The fact there absorption capacity is a part would indicate the applicability of model could only be a valid and effective as the capacity of the persons who will process and make use of the knowledge to attain designed objectives.  If compared with my initial impression that a model could compared with a mathematical formula, I need to make an adjustment of that impression to the reality and relativity of a knowledge creation model to a particular organization. To be candid about it, this must be a necessary process of learning since I could not be expected to be correct always in my initial impression of things.        Because of this exercise, self-reflection tells me where I made a point to grow in knowledge as I pass along the process and this change is a wonderful idea. I believe that I can use this experience in my future learning and it should be a wonderful idea to experience change, as an evidence of growth (Chaston and Mangles, 1997).References:Bissell, B and Zamora, B.

(1993) Organizational Structure: The Neglected Aspect of the Management of Modern Environmental Health Organizations; Journal of Environmental Health, Vol. 55Chaston, I. and Mangles, T. (1997) Core Capabilities as Predictors of Growth Potential in Small Manufacturing Firms; Journal of Small Business Management, Vol. 35Wenxi, C. (1994) A Mathematical Approach to Difference Limen; Journal of Psychology, Vol.



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