Reflection Essay

After getting a chance to work with Beth and Diana, I came to know about the wonderful type of support they are offering to individuals with disabilities. I was very much inspired by their effort towards educating the community about the disabled and their abilities. Most of the people underestimate disabled, because of their obvious disabilities or physical condition and this has encouraged Beth and Diana to include disabled persons as active members in the community, enabling them to achieve full independence.

This was possible by providing them the opportunities to express themselves, treating them with dignity, and honoring them for what they are. I have gained a lot of information from disabled people by observing and working with Beth and Diana. They taught me “never to give up” and there is always a huge expectation that one has to work hard towards achieving the goals. I also learnt that the disability of a person is just another form of diversity and it can’t be considered as something that they are lacking.The relationship between Diana and Joaquin reminded me about my relationship with my brother Hisham. The trust, love and closeness they shared amongst each other was similar to my relationship with Hisham. I am currently pursuing my graduate degree in Special Education and I have plans to change the lives of people with disabilities by motivating them towards overcoming their disability and make them feel unique and independent on their own. I would like to include them in a community that promotes collaborations and understanding of different types of diversity.

I would initiate towards enabling them to reach their full learning potential by providing them with necessary tools and preparations required for their future lives. Finally, I would like to give credits to my brother who taught me a lot about disabilities, people and life. He had always provided me a positive inspiration.


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