Reflection Essay

Reflection EssayBefore speaking about writing as challenge I willing to remind you important saying that stresses “change is the only thing that remains constant in this world”.  For example, earlier less people paid attention to education, but today the situation has radically changed and education is the most important in contemporary world. Education is important not only for future carrier, but also for self-development, self-growth and self-esteem. The competition is too high today and to catch up with it one needs to develop strong writing and communication skills. Contemporary education suggests that students are to write a great number of different essays, articles, research papers, dissertations, etc. However, for many students writing is a big challenge. I am not an exception as writing for me sometimes poses significant challenge and I need much time to cope with it.

Writing is unavoidable thing for every student as they are required to write papers when admitting to school, university, college, etc. The key benefit of writing is that it aims at developing stronger thinking, critical and creative skills. Writing develops ours imagination and trains our memory. Due to writing we are allowed to get acquainted with new lots of new information. Students have to work hard    to make writing catchy, understandable and such that meats all the requirements or demands.

For me, the key challenge in writing, of course, is writing topics as finding a good topic is not an easy thing. If you are sure of what your essay should be about, then writing is not as difficult as when you must develop writing area yourself. Good piece of writing should possess capturing title, introduction, strong body with supporting evidence and conclusion.Summing up, writing is important aspect of education and every student faces it. In some cases writing is a big challenge, but it is necessary for developing stronger critical, creative and thinking skills.

Writing gives an excellent opportunity of professional self-development and self-growth.


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