Reflection on the Leadership Role of the Ordained Minister in the Ministry of Congregational Care Essay

Reflection on the Leadership Role of the Ordained Minister in the Ministry of Congregational Care            An ordained minister is man Of God and he is charge with primary responsibility of leading the church. His task is to “equip the saints for the ministry” (Robinson 2003, p. 124).

Primarily, this task is done through the preaching and teaching of the gospel, the institution of the sacrament, and through pastoral care. The ordained minister must be the team captain of the church and is expected to teach lead, and prepare his team for its game of evangelism through sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.            From the above, I can see that the task of the minister is not easy. This task requires a lot of patience, energy, spiritual maturity, discernment, and burden.

I could see that to become an ordained minister is not just for anybody, it is not a choice but a calling. As I reflect on this, I can say that except that God would give me such skills and spiritual understanding, I cannot be a minister. I realize that the role of an ordained minister in the congregational care is a very important responsibility but it requires tremendous qualifications.

As I see his dedication, his spiritual passion, his commitment to lead people to God, and his selfless service to God and to the members of the church, I realized that I am so selfish and how narrow my faith in God is. I care only for my self I give only a small fraction of my time for God and for others.            As I ponder upon the task of an ordained minister, I realized how sensitive is his task of leading people to God, and how insensitive I am for refusing to cooperate and to do my own part in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. I realized that I too have a duty to fulfill before the Lord, that is, the duty to share the word of God to others and to be more responsible in my commitments both in the church and with my fellowmen. Like an ordained minister who is faithfully doing his best to be of service to God and for others, I should be able to offer my self before the Lord so that I can have a share in the ministry of bringing people to repentance and faith in God.ReferenceRobinson, Anthony (2003) Transforming Congregational Culture USA: Wm. B. Eerdmans


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