Reflection team experience Essay

Team work is the group presentation of different minds working on one single task with different ideas and in order to achieve the goal.

This can either give appositive result or a negative result. The result depends on the team members and their coordination. Coordination is the key step towards the achievement of any group task.

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Group work is not often practiced correctly. The work is divided among the members and then their work is assembled and presented. Group work is actually the discussion of few people on one topic or task and then their ideas are jotted down from which a conclusion is derived. Group work is done to get a more logical result having many opinions and ideas.Marketing is mainly studied by group assignments.

I remember my experience with a group when I had got an assignment to promote a product in my neighborhood through the means of promoting and advertisements. This was a group work and we had to decide the most unusual and dynamic way of promoting our product for the consumers. We had a week’s time and our group was of 6 people. Our product was a shampoo with was conditioner. When we decided to meet one afternoon or discussion clashes started coming up on the time, free loading was practiced among the group. No one agreed one time therefore the meeting broke in two groups. That became very clumsy as the ideas and opinions were not clear and therefore the product’s promotion started very late. This was one of the reasons for the downfall of the product promotion and we got a low grade in our assignment.

This was a negative experience which I learnt from this particular task. I learnt that aggressive interference and monitoring of one member of the group can make the task fail. In my group one member was quite very bossy an aggressive.

The person neither took interest in the task nor he developed attention but because of his bold attitude he made our promotion a failure. This happened due to he did not study our ways and used different way which was very common therefore his aggressive attitude and free loading resulted our promotion as fail. The member was an over-confident person with no information or knowledge.

He discounted the advices, suggestions, opinions, ideas of other people and thought them as not important. He dominated on the group and showed no progress. I learnt that a group can only be successful if all members of the team work with coordination encourage others and most important factor is contribution of each member towards the task mentally and physically.My role in the team was of an active member who tried the level best to succeed but because of the loop holes in the coordination I could not achieve my target. I learnt that I had much strength but many weaknesses at the same time therefore my task was not completed.

  My strengths were that I prepared a detailed note on how to promote the product, listed its features, its uses, its types, its price any many more. I with few members worked day and night but due to my one weakness I had to sustain my achievement. The weakness was of getting under the pressure of one member and thinking that member very efficient because of his confidence.Moving towards my conclusion I would like to state that whether the task given is easy or difficult, if a group is assigned a job the complete group should try to sacrifice some things for the group and try to get super result. I learnt that one person cannot achieve the target but can spoil it easily so everyone should stay united and strive for a better opportunity and complete it. 


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