Reflections on Societal Relationships: The Essence of Power Essay

Reflections on Societal Relationships: The Essence of PowerPower is defined as the ability to make someone do or not do something. It is said that power has become a key element in today’s society. For me, its relevance to societal relationships went as far as stereotyping is concerned.

What are the current divisions of stereotypes? I should say race and ethnicity, gender, physical appearance and language and culture are areas where specific stereotypes are created. The most irresponsible outcome of these prejudices is the act of judgment about other people based on the specific stereotype where they would fit in. These immature conclusions could cause the slightest discrimination to the worst case of genocide. Power becomes associated with stereotypes because the existence of the latter suggests superiority of one group to another. Hence, our society today consists mostly of power relationships- a struggle between those who belong to a dominant type versus the subordinate class.Everyday, I witness these struggles as manifested in media, workplaces, academic institutions, government offices and homes. I wonder why no gay or lesbian president or officer of the government has truly emerged or has made themselves proud of their true identities should there be any, in the longest running democracy of America.

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Does democracy in as far as liberty and equality is observed mean anything at all, given our value systems that are cloaked with stereotypes about homosexuality? For most people, being one of the so-called “third sex” is considered only being half human; a person who is neither male or female henceforth lost in translation of human capacities and human rights. This yields to their absence of rights to marriage, lack of acceptance, silencing of their opinion and the manufacture of an image mocking their appearance and considering their sexual acts as immoral. In contrast with the males, homosexuals and females remain lower types of gender classes than the males in an existing patrimonial society. Males’ decisions are often treated with seriousness and reliability. Their leadership is relied on with optimism and strength. Power is held by men in terms of sex. Bigotry is one example of how people become insensitive and too judgmental of other races and ethnicities.

Why was Obama’s campaign for president too sensationalized? – Because he is black. Asian- Americans as well as black people have fewer opportunities at work, are less recognized in schools and are less promoted in showbiz as good-looking. They have been teased for their accent and the belief that they are indecent, tactless and prone to riots. The Whites and dominant European races are treated with respect and are most of the time supported in every aspect by the community.

  They are viewed as people with wealth and intelligence. Power is theirs indeed in relation to other nationalities and color. Physical appearance also is invented with biased characteristics, specifically height and weight. The fat people are judged as the lazy, food-loving people who are most unlikely to get serious partners and the least able to obtain happiness in their lives. On the other hand, the slim and fit that are labeled as “sexy” are opined to be hot, irresistible, and head-turning beauties.

In tv commercials, movies, and even in politics and business, their images are used to entice, mobilize and stir interests of the majority. They too possess a significant degree of power.In general, I myself have been a victim of various types of stereotypes. Yet I do believe that stereotypes being a matter of belief and value systems are implantations in our psychologies that could still be neutralized. Education of the true nature and identities of the disadvantaged groups and classes will result to an enlightened mind and attitude toward them.

More than judgments, I think stereotypes are views made out of misinformation, power competitions, and misconduct. 


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