Reflective Essay

Effective classroom management is the key to a successful classroom.

Diligently prepared lessons lose their effectiveness if proper classroom management policies are not in place. When a teacher masters the art of running a classroom effectively, energy is saved and can be put towards the delivery of the lesson. Proper classroom management creates less tension on the part of the teacher. Our students sense when we are stressed. Therefore, a tense teacher yields tense students. Creating an effectively managed classroom avoids this type of unnecessary stress.

Looking back at the classroom management survey, I notice that the lowest marks relate to inappropriate classroom behavior. This correlates the most with our course information pertaining to disruptive classroom behavior. Ironically, without even thinking about it, this information is what interested me the most. Our resources help me see better ways of handling these behaviors. The better I am at resolving the disruptive situations, the quicker we can get back to work. Student learning will be maximized because I will not waste time handling discipline .

Moreover, other discipline issues will not happen because of our classroom procedures, policies, and consequences. Conquering discipline issues and preventing future problems will instill confidence in my teaching ability. This will aid in my belief that I will be able to successfully handle any discipline issue that arises. After reviewing the application for week one, I would like to improve on my handling of disruptive behaviors.

Although they occur infrequently in my classes, I want to be prepared for the situations. I still become flustered when a student begins to act defiant or disrespectful. This is especially true for the first time it happens and I am caught off guard. The steps I will follow to resolve these behaviors are to apply what we learned in this course. Moving the student’s desk, positioning myself to be in close proximity to the student, and subtle notices of warnings are methods that I will implement. Additionally, I will look for staff development opportunities that discuss behavior management techniques.

Refining classroom management policies to include behavior consequences will prevent the waste of time and energy of all involved. Establishing clearly defined goals/policies, focused instruction, and unbiased feedback allows for smooth lessons to take place (Jones & Jones, 2007).Moreover, a classroom where all feel safe and secure allows for students to relax and open their mind to learning. My classrooms have always run smoothly. Students feel welcome and safe. We treat each other with respect and humility.

Brain research shows the more comfortable students are the more they become susceptible to learning and other students (Laureate Education Inc, 2010b). However, my comfort level in dealing with disruptive students is low. The classes I teach range from the lower levels of Pre-Algebra to Pre-Calculus.

The discipline situations occur infrequently. I am usually caught off guard when they happen. The best way to fix this issue is to mentally rehearse how I am going to respond to the student when these behaviors occur. This rehearsal needs to include the implementation of our course material. Finally, I need to remember to be as subtle as possible in dealing with these students. Embarrassing them is not the way to handle the situation. We want students to work because they want to not because something will happen to them (Laureate Education Inc., 2010a), In closing, classrooms that run smoothly are more successful than those that operate under chaotic conditions.

However, we must continue to find ways to make our management systems better even if what we are doing is working well. Letting one or two students rule the classroom with unjustly behavior is not fair to the 99% of students that want to learn. We must find out what makes all of our students tick and adjust accordingly.ReferencesJones, V., & Jones, L.

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