Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay            The work I have written entitled “Women Discrimination in the Workplace” is an excellent editorial due to the fact that it tackled a very sensitive matter not only of this generation but also of the past generations. The paper discussed how despite the efforts for attaining respect for the present day women, they are still discriminated and treated unequally. It also showed that even though the government claims that the laws and legislations drafted about workplace rules and regulations, in reality women have still remained maltreated.However, this is not only the strength of the essay, the more important fact that points to the paper’s excellence is it did not only contain my ideals, but it was also packed with facts which supported my opinions. It is based on other pieces of literature, which I believe is a characteristic of a high standard written work.

It pays respect to the precursors while also communicating new insights to the receivers or the audience. Also, the paper is written in a language understandable by anyone who will read it, while it maintained the tone which carried the courage of the writer’s conviction.            In addition, the work not only represents my ideologies, it is also the translation of my hard work and best efforts. The paper had to reflect my opinion while remaining objective for such is the quality of a good insight paper (Weintraut). It should also contain only the truth, no exaggerations, nor deductions. With this need, and the fact that excellent works are always founded on information that may be considered indissoluble, I was required to conduct a thorough research before the actual writing.

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I had to weigh the pieces of evidence and decide which is more convincing and effective to support my opinion. I also had to weigh which is more representative of my thoughts as well as which piece will remove the doubts and loopholes that I and the audience may have.            Upon writing, although the act is considered by some as a continuous outpouring of emotions, it was not true for me. For an editorial essay, that would be a crime, as biases should at all costs be avoided in writing these kinds of paper. I revised every time I see even a small sign of subjectivity. I noted that the piece is not only for myself but for an audience.

More importantly, it is not a fictional piece that is meant to invoke emotions from its audience. The constant revision of the paper maintained a demarcation between the work being purely based on opinion and biases and admiringly objective and factual.            This shows that I, as a writer, am aware of the things that occur in the society.

And though even for some people a pen is useless in wars, through excellent writing I make it the worst enemy of inequality and injustice. It also shows that as a student I am not indifferent, and in my own simple way I can make things happen. My critical thinking is strong and I understand that not everything that is laid before me is as innocent as the clean sheet it was written on. I am speculative and through researching I may prove my speculations and share it in writing and get effects from my work.

This paper showed my sincere social concern and my active participation as a morally upright member of the society. However, I acknowledge that I was not alone in this endeavor. There had been people who influenced me into writing the editorial.

There had also been people who helped finding loopholes in my work. I salute these people because they have helped me fulfill this task which showed my strengths as a writer. I also salute them because through their kind gestures towards me, they have also showed their concern in society. They have also exhibited their desire to prompt change through a simple gesture like writing.

More importantly, I salute them for being the first ones to accept the truth that my paper intended to convey from the very beginning.Work CitedWeintraut, Alan. 2009. “Characteristics of Editorial Writing”

15 May 2009 < >.


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