Reflective cycle Essay

I will reflect on an incident that occurred during my displacement to develop positive attitude towards nursing information sciences. In this contemplation. I am traveling to utilize Gibbs ( 1988 ) Brooding rhythm. This theoretical account is a recognized model for my contemplation. Gibbs ( 1988 ) consist of six phases to finish one rhythm which is able to better my nursing information sciences and larning from the experience for better pattern in future. The rhythm starts with description of the state of affairs. analysis of the feelings. rating of experience. analysis to do sense of experience. and decision of what else I could hold done and besides action program to fix if the state of affairs arose once more.

However. Siviter ( 2004 ) explains that contemplation is about deriving ego assurance. place when to better. larning from ain errors and behaviour. looking at other people positions. being self cognizant and bettering the hereafter by larning from the yesteryear. In my context with the patients. it is of import that the nurse incorporates nursing information sciences to better wellness attention bringing. However Hebda and Czar ( 2009 ) defines nursing information sciences as the usage of information and computing machine engineering to back up all facets of nursing pattern. including direct bringing of attention. disposal. instruction and research. Nursing information sciences involves the usage of computing machine based information system which harmonizing to Stair and Reynolds ( 2008. pg 4 ) is defined as a set of interconnected constituents that collect. manipulate. shop and circulate informations and information and supply a feedback mechanism to run into an aim.


I had merely reported from the four months pregnancy leave and during the displacement conversion. I was informed by my co-workers of the new method of bespeaking for probes online and that I was to see the squad leader to take me through the procedure. I heard my co-workers discuss a batch on how the new system was devouring their clip and since it had been made a infirmary policy they had no pick than to adhere to it. This did non sound interesting to me as I did non even have computing machine literacy and wondered why the establishment had changed the system. I shied off from seeking aid from my squad leader since I did non desire to be embarrassed for non being a computing machine literate. I decided that I am traveling to utilize the old method and when I am asked. I will support myself and state that I did non cognize about it.

Unfortunately. the squad leader did non recognize that I had merely reported from long leave and needed updates or possibly she waited for me to take an enterprise to seek for updates from her as it ever happens when one comes back from long leave which did non go on. During the doctor’s unit of ammunitions. one of my patients had some petition for probes and because the venesection unit of ammunitions had already taken topographic point. one of the physicians obtained the blood from the patient and left for me to bear down and direct it to the research lab. I decided to give the wellness attention assistant the specimen to take to the research lab trusting that the research lab technicians would bear down it as they had ever done before the debut of the new system.

During the issue unit of ammunition. the physician inquired on the study and when I called the lab they said that I was supposed to look into from the computing machine. Since I did non hold any computing machine literacy. I pretended that I was look intoing but the physician got impatient and decided to look into by himself. On look intoing. the physician found that the specimen was ne’er charged and so could non entree the study. On naming the research lab technician. it was reported to the physician that the specimen was discarded because it was assumed to be a reject since they had non found the inside informations online.

The physician got so disquieted with me and insisted that I should explicate to the patient what happened so that he could obtain more specimen. I got so baffled because I didn’t have the exact words to state to the patient. I so gathered bravery and told the patient that the specimen obtained earlier was non plenty for the probes requested and that we needed to obtain more specimen. at first. the patient could non understand but after a 2nd idea. she gave the consent and the specimen was obtained. This clip round the physician lost trust in me and decided to bear down by himself and gave a wellness attention helper to take the specimen to the research lab.


On contemplation of the incident. I felt so abashed because such things are non supposed to go on to a senior nurse who is supposed to be giving counsel to the junior nurses. I besides felt irresponsible for non seeking aid from my colleques on bear downing the patient’s specimen and that I had non taken the enterprise to see the squad leader to give me the updates that occurred while I was off.

I felt empathic for the patient and blamed myself for non taking the proper action. I besides felt at my degree I needed to hold computing machine literacy because that is what hindered me from seeking aid. The American Nurses Association ( 2007 ) states that the experient nurse builds up on the competences required for practicians utilizing basic computing machine accomplishments to information sing the patient and has to be adept in her/his country of specialisation. The physicians. and other nurses felt disquieted for my action.


Good points.

After the incident. it made me believe of how I would hold handled the state of affairs and how of import computing machine & A ; information literacy is to me and other health care practicians. Selvasekaran ( 2008 ) defines computing machine literate wellness attention supplier as that who has basic apprehension of the computing machine hardware. common types of package and different ways in which package application can be used in patient attention environment. Association of college and research libraries ( 2002 ) defines information literacy as the ability to acknowledge when information is needed every bit good as the accomplishments to happen. evaluate and usage needed information efficaciously.

Bad points.

It was a shame that my carelessness of seeking information led to the waste of patient’s specimen taking to waste of clip in obtaining the consequences. It besides caused more hurting to the patient since the patient needed to be pricked once more and this added excess stressors to the patient who was already stressed by her unwellness. The other bad point is that the research lab technician discarded patient’s specimen alternatively of naming the ward for it to be charged.


I wondered why the establishment had changed from the old system of bespeaking for probes. I so remembered that earlier I had read from a book on the importance/benefits of nursing information sciences in a health care apparatus which included:

•Improved entree to information.
•Error decrease & A ; improved communicating.
•Decreased redundancy on informations entry.
•Decreased clip spent in medicine disposal & A ; certification
•Increased clip for client attention
•Facilitation of informations aggregation for research
•Improved record security
•Improved quality of attention and patient satisfaction ( Hebda and Czar 2009 pg 37 ) . I so realized that the old method did non hold the above qualities and so the establishment opted for the new system. In this instance there was ignorance of seeking information due to deficiency of computing machine and information literacy. Possibly I would hold given the sample to my co-workers who were good informed to bear down. I besides could hold called the research lab technician and inform that the specimen had non been charged. It is good that I eventually learnt from my my error and that the 2nd sample drawn was charged and consequences acquired. However. holding no computing machine literacy & A ; information literacy does non do my action acceptable.


My contemplation of this event explores how of import nursing information sciences is in a health care set up and that all the health care suppliers should hold knowledge on nursing information sciences. The whole issue was abashing and I felt that alternatively of merely directing the specimen and presuming that the lab technicians will bear down. I would hold given it to my co-workers to bear down or inform the research lab technician that I was non able to bear down the specimen & A ; hence assisting them to take an appropriate determination alternatively of flinging it.

Besides alternatively of shying off from seeking the information on the new system from the squad leader. I would hold gained a small cognition from my co-workers on how to run the computing machine and so boldly continue to the squad leader for more information. This showed that I was non wise plenty. Harmonizing to American Nurses Association ( 2007 ) wisdom occurs when cognition is used suitably to pull off and work out jobs. Consequences from understanding and requires human attempt. However. If I had availed myself for the information. this muss would non hold happened.

Action program.

In order to forestall the incident from go oning once more. it is of import that when I come back from a long leave. I should take the enterprise to seek for updates from my co-workers and besides the squad leader taking in history the sensitive issues like this one. I should besides seek aid from my co-workers of things that am non certain of so as to forestall unpleasant incidences from go oning. The action I took after the incidence was to compose an incident signifier so that others could larn from my error.

I besides sought the information on online probe petition from my co-workers and squad leader and besides enrolled in computing machine categories so that I could hold adequate cognition on computing machine literacy since the information I got from my co-workers and squad leader was so peculiar and merely concerned requesting of probes and obtaining studies. I besides called research lab technicians and informed them to ever name the ward before flinging patients specimens. I have learnt that there can be many positive larning chances from the errors we make. Contemplation can sometimes demo your defects and this can be an alibi non to reflect. but by taking negative incidences positively you can turn around & A ; alter yourself for the better. I am now computing machine and information literate.

American Nurses Association. ( 2007 ) . Scope and criterions of nursing information sciences pattern. Washington: American Nurses. Association of College and Research Libraries. ( 2002 ) . Information literacy competencestandards for higher instruction. Retrieved in November 18. 2002. fromhttp: //www. ala. org/acrl/ilintro. html # ildef. Gibbs ( 1998 ) . Learning by making. A usher to instruction and larning methods. Further educatingunit. Oxford: Oxford engineering school. Hebda. T. . Czar. P. ( 2009 ) . Handbook on information sciences for nurses and health care professionals. ( 4th ed. ) . Pearson: New Jersey. Selvasekaran. J. ( 2008 ) . Necessities of computing machine for nurses. ( 2nd ed. ) . Bombay: Jaypee brothers. Siviter. B. ( 2004 ) . The pupil nurse enchiridion. Philadelphia: Baillere Tindall. Stair. R. . Reynolds. ( 2008 ) . Principles of information systems. ( 8th ed. ) . Boston: Thompsoncourse engineering.


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