Reflective Diary Essay

Current affairs simply means the ongoing issues related to any branch of learning that exists in the world context.

We are experiencing different issues now and then in our everyday life, but current affairs only include the issues which are being discussed at the current time or have been occurred recently. According to Wikipedia, Current Affairs is a genre of current event where the emphasis is on detailed analysis and discussion of news stories that have recently occurred or are ongoing at the time of broadcast. However, the definition of current affairs fluctuates when it comes to a particular subject as part of learning materials.

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We study here not only about the current events but also the reason behind those events. I started to love this subject in a full swing because we do not just simply discuss about any issue but we analyze it critically. Continuing the process of learning the current issue, in the third week I have gathered a huge package of knowledge from my lecturers about the conflict. Naturally I was not so familiar with the types of conflict but it became so clear to me when my lecturer explained it to me with some specific examples.

I have learned the intra-state conflict which represents the conflict between Al-Shabab and the Government in Somalia as an example. I have also understood about inter-state conflict, political conflict, ethnic conflict, religious conflict, territorial conflict and so on. Nevertheless, among all of these conflicts, I found more interest about territorial conflict since it has been occurred from the ancient period.

Yet, we can see the conflict between Israel and Palestine about having decreed over each other. Another example can be the Kashmir issue among China, Pakistan and India.So, all of these conflicts are common and seen every time in the history as well as the current time. If we give a critical view on these conflicts we may find out why these conflicts are occurred. In my point of view, I will say it only occurs when people do not care of others and have an ego-centric tendency. Moreover, following the current issues in our tutorial my lecturer talked about the security council of United Nation.

From there, I have mug up a lot of things about the Security Council and how it actually works.However, developing nuclear weapons is one of the controversial issues in today’s world since many countries are interested to have it and we had a discussion as a group on this topic. I have gained so much information from that discussion of why actually countries want to develop nuclear weapon. My personal view is that countries want to have it because they want to be secured, to show them as a powerful nation, to reveal their technological development and to rule over another country. The issue of having a nuclear weapon ascends when it comes to the imbalance of power.As we have seen in the middle-east that how Israel is dominating other countries and it encourages other countries to have the nuclear weapon. I think the best way to get rid of this dangerous weapon can be to off the produce and not using them in the war.

The concern about nuclear weapon will remain same unless the countries those have nuclear weapon stop using it as their main hypothesis to dominant others. Overall, I’ll say I have obtained a lot of things from this week which I did not know before and I am very happy to study this course.


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