Reflective Journal: Learning English language as Chinese native speaker Essay

I was born in a Chinese educated family, the main language which is spoken in my family is Mandarin, second language, which is only spoken by my parents is Hokkien. They do not speak English because English was not being emphasis as strong as today during their school time, the medium of communication of them was Malay. So, English can be considered as the third language which I acquired, and I was exposed to English only since 5 years old, from my kindergarten teacher.

Since primary school, I took English as the toughest subject among all the other subjects because English has grammar. I cannot really understand why there are so many rules to be followed in essay writing. All the “participle” and “continuous” tenses confused me; can’t everything just be categorized into “past” “present” and “future”? Life still going on and I kept ignoring the confusion, until I graduated from form 6, and chosen English Language as my degree course. By taking Structure and Grammar of English 1, I could complete my foundation in grammar in a very detail manner.

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Every parts of grammar are being explained and emphasis on by Miss Cheng, my lecturer, who never let me relax in the class because she will throw questions to everyone after every lectures and she won’t tell you the answer until you find out by yourself. Due to her effort, tenses, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunction and determiners, now I know what are all these words refer to. Last time, I do not know how to differentiate adjective with adverbs. So now I know, adjective is used to describe things and, adverbs to describe action (verbs).

Apart from describing verbs, adverbs also could be used to describe time, place and direction, manner, means and instrument. I never learnt all these before I entered the classes of Structure and Grammar of English 1. Besides, I love tutorial exercise which is given by Miss Cheng so much because it is really an essential book for me to practice grammar completely apart from just listening to Miss Cheng during lecture. Now, grammar has become my favourite part in English, it is easier than essay writing which needs burst out of ideas. Grammar, once you get it thoroughly, you would not forget it for the rest of your life.


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