Reform Movements for Abolition and Women’s Rights Sample Essay

Life for the American adult female in the nineteenth century was full of struggles and battles.

Womans suffered from a batch of favoritism. and were non allowed to vote. go to universities.

talk in public. or ain belongings. and were basically forced to contend for their topographic point within society. Regardless of these troubles. adult females gathered strength in Numberss and succeeded in set uping lasting societal alterations.Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton began to work together on women’s rights and one of the first issues they worked on were belongings rights for married adult females. The Married Woman’s Property Act had been passed in New York Stat in 1848.

However. there were still gross unfairnesss for married adult females under the jurisprudence. A married adult female could non sell her belongings or have the rewards she had earned. The deficiency of legal position for married adult females was an on-going issue for the early women’s rights motion. If adult females could non come in into contracts.

it was improbable that they could of all time win such a right as right to vote. The first major battle for women’s rights after the Seneca Falls convention was petitioning for married women’s belongings rights. The battle against unjust intervention under the jurisprudence became a rallying point for Stanton and Anthony.

Writing was a popular signifier of look for adult females and was used as tools of societal change–in the signifier of letters. essays. magazine and newspaper articles. short narratives and books. These plants became the beginning of rational look through which adult females non merely battled for their ain rights. but paralleled their state of affairs to that of the enslaved black adult male as good.

and fought for the abolishment of bondage. Women so took one measure farther when in 1843 Margaret Fuller backed up a declaration and expanded it in her article The Great Lawsuit which concluded that all people should be equal. adult females every bit good as work forces. black every bit good as white. In an attempt to convey award and moral criterions to a fundamentally wild land.

adult females addressed their readers with narratives about nutrient. chitchat. apparels.

home-life. manners. virtuousness. and interior feelings.In actuality.

the Romantics and a nonnatural manner of idea greatly influenced the authorship of adult females and their sentimental literature. Romanticism reached American during a clip of enlargement. growing and changeless alteration in a coevals of people fighting to specify themselves. and produced a newfound demand for self-awareness and self-expression. Transcendentalism dominated the thought of America and its manner of idea echoed throughout the switching society during the full nineteenth century.

In one manner or another America’s most originative heads were drawn into its influence. attracted to its reasonable and earthy message of confident self-identity. religious advancement. and societal justness.


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