Related Studies for Online Shopping Essay


com. pH is a classified ads website that caters chiefly to Philippine market. It is an on-line market place where people buy and sell a broad assortment of goods. merchandises. and services under different classs such as existent estate. automotives. callings. concern merchandises and services.

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and many more among Filipino persons and concern groups all over the universe. [ 3 ] Launched on September 11. 2006. the free online classified ads web site was named Sulit. com. pH for 2 grounds: ( 1 ) “Sulit” is a Filipino word that means “worth it” in English. depicting the affordability of points being sold by the site’s members ; and ( 2 ) Sulit is an acronym for “Super Low Internet Trading.

”In add-on to the bargain and sell platform. Sulit. com. pH besides provides an on-line community among Filipino web users. Through the Sulit. com.

pH forum. members interact with one another about assorted subjects including concern. life style. current events. and wellness among many others.

Therefore. Sulit. com. pH can besides be translated to “Sulit Community in the Philippines. ”pH is an on-line classified-ads website catering to the Filipino market. It is owned and operated by 701Search Pte.

. Ltd. . which is a joint venture between media giantsSingapore Press Holdings and Schibsted. Launched in March 2009. [ 2 ] AyosDito offers free poster of ads for points such as belongingss. autos. computing machines.

cellular telephones. electronic appliances. nutrient.

and even occupations. The phrase “Ayos Dito” is Tagalog for “Ok here” . Despite the instead apparent site layout and design. people by and large find the website really fast and simple to utilize.


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