Religious and Ethical Arguements in Favour of Euthanasia Essay

Explain religious and ethical arguments in favor of euthanasia Euthanasia which is a term that derives from the Greek word meaning ‘mercy killing or good death’. Although euthanasia is usually seen as a killing that is done for the better of the patient suffering, it is still a controversial subject to this day and age. Although religious views on euthanasia are usually negative in the fact they do not agree, there are some things in the bible that can refer to exceptions in euthanasia.For example ecclesiastic-us says ‘death is better than a miserable life, and eternal rest than chronic sickness.

Also religion of any kind requires that believers show compassion and love. Compassion and love can require believers to end suffering including emotional suffering; forcing someone to stay alive against their will is neither compassionate nor loving. Religion also tells us that we have free will and self- determination which is our God given qualities. It could be used to preserve life or to bring about life’s end on the basis of the patients free will.The doctrine of double affect is another example of being favor in euthanasia because it is doing something good even if the consequence may result badly or in euthanasia sadness for the family.

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In terms of utilitarian’s point of view according to John Stuart Mill, he had what he believed was the harm principle’ in which we have the freedom to decide if it is the ‘self-regarding hemisphere’ in that if it’s beneficial for us also others. Therefore he would be in favor of euthanasia.Utilitarianism would be unconcerned about achieving the maximum happiness for the greater amount which is the quantity of it and also the quality of the decision whether it is sensible enough to take.

If the patient suffers living which is pain and will find pleasure in death then utilitarian’s would by all meaner be in favor of euthanasia. For example if somebody is completely brain dead and suffers doing basic things like not being able to go to the toilet or even difficulty sleeping, and their only wish is to die, then a utilitarian would take this into account and allow them to do so.


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