Research Proposal – Consumers and Advertising Essay

Is there a relationship between advertising and the effect it has on consumer’s purchasing decisions? Introduction The proposed research that will be conducted will be based on the impact advertising has with consumer’s behaviour. Advertising impacts everyone all the time and is constantly reminding consumers of their brands and the message that they are trying to portray. With the constant increase of competitive products, organisations have adopted many advertising strategies to benchmark against their competition and to attract a wider consumer audience to their products.

Advertisements are used to capture consumers attention and make them want to purchase their products or interpret a specific message. The idea behind the research question is to see how advertisements affect consumers purchasing decisions and to see whether the advertisements have been structured to embrace customer loyalty. Advertising is used to attract consumers to the product and want them to purchase, while many other marketing techniques are used to drive the product towards the consumer. Advertising has been used to create a personality for a brand, being able to communicate on a common level with consumers.

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Many consumers believe that they are unaffected by advertisements, by pursuing this project, advertising will reveal how well it affects consumers purchasing decisions. Research Aims The aim of this research is to investigate how different platforms of advertising can cause an effect on consumer behaviour to their brand. Below are the aims of the advertisements that will be explored. * The advertising platforms and media * Advertisements and their life-span * Consumers characterisations and their market * Consumers wants and needs Consumers reactions with relation to promotional advertisements that occur * The concluding influence that affects consumers purchasing decisions Research Objectives 1. Analysis the different types of advertisements 2. Research on how effective advertising can be on sales/profitability 3. Examine consumers reactions to a product or service due to advertisement 4. Study different approaches on how advertising can be made more effective 5. Identify a link to consumers personality and perception on advertising 6. Explore the relationship between different advertising media platforms and the demographical features of consumers

Literature Review The American Marketing Association defined advertising as “any form of non-personal presentation or promotion of ideas, goods or services, by an identified sponsor. ” Similarly, Bovee stated that “Advertising is the nonpersonal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media. “(1992). It is important to know that advertising comes in many forms and is constantly attempting to attract our attention to the message being portrayed.

There has been much debate about how much advertising can affect consumers. Many articles are based around how advertising boosts sales, the links between the mental issues related to advertisements. For example many authors have looked at how advertising affects the mental state of consumers, e. g. the awareness, attitude towards the brand and the memory. All these affect the consumer before it affects their behaviour towards advertising. There have been several debates that have been reviewed, taking consideration of how the presence of advertisements affects the purchasing decisions of consumers.

This research will focus on the positives and negatives of advertising regarding consumers purchasing decisions. Methodology Data Collection The proposed research that will be implemented will be a mixture of qualitative and quantitative. The research design chosen is descriptive. This is because we can examine consumer’s behaviour towards advertisements without affecting them. The main aim of using description is it consists of observation and note-taking ability, this will be the most appropriate as it can reveal the main factors to consider with relation to consumers and advertising.

Firstly desk research will be explored that will produce quantitative and qualitative information that can give us an insight to previous research. Similar previous studies may be uncovered which could help us to gain a wider understanding of the implications of consumers purchasing decisions with relation to advertising. Secondly, a questionnaire will be distributed containing closed-ended questions. This type of primary research will be best for collecting a variety of responses from consumers. Closed-ended questions will be used for ease of analysis.

Open-ended questions are time-consuming and will take too long to analyse the data. The questionnaire will consist of topics including social media platforms, emotional attachments towards advertising and what type of advertising attracts the consumer attention. Although questionnaires are not the most reliable source they are efficient in gathering a large amount of data in a small time scale. Lastly, focus groups will be conducted. The focus groups will consist of selected topics, images and videos of advertisements.

The focus group will be recorded, visually and orally, this will provide analysing easier and detailed notes can be taken at the time of body language and consumers reactions. A focus group will be easier as consumers can interact with each other about the given topics and will provide the opportunity to respond to open-ended questions, whereas the questionnaire is all closed questions. Sampling The target population that will be considered will consist of University students studying at Preston. Currently there are 20,000 university students at Preston, undergraduate, postgraduate and international.

To narrow this down to a suitable sample size for the questionnaires, 200 would be the appropriate sample size. The sampling technique being used will be simple random sampling, this will be best to use and we are looking at all demographics and not a specific sample such as males. Simple random sampling gives an equal chance of each student being selected. This sampling technique is helpful towards reducing the potential for bias opinions and simple random sampling will allow us to make generalizations from the the sample to the population. Data Analysis Strategy

The questionnaire will be analysed using online software called Google analytics. Google analytics will provide a representative graph for each question and links between behaviours, attitudes, demographical features, trends or relationships will be explored. The type of focus groups being conducted will be in the time frame of 1-2 hours, they will be relaxed and informal, recording devices will be used for analysis purposes. Six participants will be chosen for each of the 3 focus groups, this will provide enough people for a debate and enough research so the same debate doesn’t keep arising.

The focus groups will have materials for note-taking, focus group script with a list of around 7-8 open-ended questions for discussion and if possible a person to observe the debate to look at body language and interpret the individuals responses. Tape-Based analysis and note-based analysis will be used. Potential Problems Considering the questionnaire being distributed online and without the interviewer present, respondents may not understand a question and answer randomly making our research less reliable. With only using close-ended questions the respondents may end up disagreeing with all answers and wish not to answer.

Commonly questionnaires are known as uninteresting and can make respondents answer impulsively without thinking, also causing less reliable findings. Ethical Issues When conducting the research, the MRS code of conduct needs to be considered, so no laws or human rights are breached. Ethical procedures need to be explored, to take into account the information that you are gathering and what you can do with the information you have at hand, serious consideration should be taken with reading the reports on the MRS code line, guidelines and the code of conduct.


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