Response to the job posting for an associate agent you had posted on Linkedin Essay

I am writing to you in response to the job posting for an associate agent you had posted on Linkedin. It is my understanding that you are seeking a qualified individual with a strong sales back ground, as well as some experience with the Life Insurance Industry. The position requires strong verbal and written communication skills, customer service experience, as well as general clerical and administrative experience. I believe that I have those necessary skills to meet your needs.

I have worked my way from a telemarketing position with a small insurance marketing firm to a senior sales leader position with one of the nation’s top marketing firms for life, health and mortgage leads. During my time at these positions I have had the pleasure of being able to not only grow my knowledge of sales, customer service, and administrative procedures, I have also been able to have the opportunity to learn many of the details of the life insurance industry as well.

I have been working for the last year toward the goal of becoming a certified Administrative Assistant, and eventually would like to work toward my bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I will soon have my certificate from Penn Foster for Administrative Assistant, and I recently became licensed in the area of Property and Casualty Insurance, and I am also working toward my Life and Health Insurance License.

I have learned in the positions that I have held in the past that I have a passion for helping people protect what is important to them, their assets and family. I love that for your company the bottom line is protecting your clients’ assets properly, and educating them as to why they need insurance. I am confident that I would not only meet your expectations for an associate agent, but exceed them. I feel I could make valuable contributions to your company by helping you grow your customer base, improve your marketing system and increase your retention.


I'm Tamara!

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