Resumen of Physics Essay

Background InformationThe city occupies large part of the valley bottom & lower slopes at 3000m in the Rio Santa Valley.

It is a nodal point between two valleys. It has many mines in the area, including 2 large open cast gold Mines operated by a Canadian Company, since the Andes is mineral rich. Agriculture dominates the landscape, and in 1970, an earthquake destroyed much of Huaraz, so the majority of the buildings belong to that time. The Cordillera Blanca is the most accessible high altitude mountain range in Peru, including the Huascaran (6768m, it’s the highest point in Peru), which attracted many tourists into climbing + trekking ; other associated businesses. Huaraz has many functions:- Administration of the Department of Ancash.- Agriculture.- Mining.- Tourism.

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AimWhile investigating about the Human Geography of Huaraz, I only had one thing in mind, and it was the aim, which was: “To delimit the CBD of Huaraz”. We were to mark the limits or boundaries of the CBD of Huaraz. We expected the CBD to have a concentration of commercial buildings, lots of people and vehicles, with little amount of green area, lots of littler and pollution.Hypothesis + Theory behind themBefore we started studying the city + taking notes of what we saw, we set-up many hypotheses:- The amount of pollution decreases with distance from the CBD (noisy, air, litter): there are more people in the CBD, as well as more vehicles and businesses, so the place is more likely to become not clean.- The building height decreases with distance from the CBD: we expected the high buildings to be in the CBD, and the 1-floor houses to be outside the CBD, where the residential area is.

– The number of pedestrians decreases with distance from the CBD: the CBD is the most concentrated part of the city, where the businesses, facilities and services are.- Environment quality increases with distance from the CBD: there are lots of green areas outside the CBD, but in the CBD, there are too many people and vehicles, and as a result, the place becomes polluted.- Land use will become more residential with distance from the CBD: the businesses are concentrated in the core or the center of the CBD, and the people live in the outskirts of it.- The number of vehicles will decrease with distance from the CBD: there are more facilities and services in the CBD.

– The amount of green space will increase with distance from the CBD: less area will be needed with distance from the CBD since the services and facilities are concentrated in the center of the CBD, so there will be more green areas.LEDC Urban ModelThis is what we expected the city of Huaraz to be like:Picture showing a street on the city of Huaraz + data collection methodMethodologyOur group had to collect lots of data: building height, level of noisy, amount of litter on the streets, amount of green area, level of traffic, the road quality, the housing quality within the transect that we where given, and the amount of people + vehicles passing a intersection per minute. My transect was from the Cerro Pumacayan at Alameda Grau, up to the Stadium at Av. Confraternidad Oeste. We collected data by using several methods: we annotated the number of floors for each building within the transect, we measured the level of noisy, the amount of litter on the streets, the amount of green area, the level of traffic, the road quality, the housing quality and the number of people and vehicles passing an intersection per minute.

These methods were efficiently enough to delimit of the CBD.


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