Review of Jaws for a teen audience Essay

From the best selling novel by Peter Benchley, to this summer’s must see film. Swim in the sea regularly? Well you won’t be after seeing this number 1 horror of the season. Jaws is a terrifying story that shows sharks as our only predators, a blood thirsty creature terrorises one of the most popular beaches in Amity island. The mayor and other respected people in the community refuse to shut the beach after one gruesome attack on a teenage girl; they make every excuse possible to explain the attacks.

After another horrifying attack the officials have no choice but to close the beach.Three unlikely men agree to find and then kill the people eating monster; I guarantee this movie will scare your socks off. The film opens with the credits rolling down as the threatening music plays, the screen jumps to the first scene which is underwater; running across the sea bed like the camera is the shark, now the threatening music is dramatically increasing in tempo.

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The music comes to a sudden stop. The screen changes with that the mood changes to a calm relaxed atmosphere on a beach which lots of teens sitting round a raging fire. The fire gives everything a warm orange glow which makes every thing safe and out of reach of danger.The party is calm with people smoking and drinking; the camera swiftly pans across the beach, until it comes to a stop focusing on a teen boy sitting on his own which gives him significance. The camera turns to a teen girl who is smiling at him; she invites him over.

The girl gets up and runs off, signalling him to come with her, he runs after her. After a few seconds the orangey glow from the fire fades as they run further and further away from the others, this makes us feel like something bad is going to happen. The girl takes her clothes of asking him to come with her.

The camera changes to the drunken boy who is getting undressed; he falls and struggles to take of his clothes. The mood once again changes to a happy funny mood. The camera shows the girl swimming then changes to the boy who falls and passes out, the girl is still splashing around in the water this time the shot includes the wide empty sea which makes her look vulnerable. The shot changes to a close up with dark isolated sea again which makes her look even more vulnerable. Quickly the camera changes to an under water scene with the camera once again the shark.The tense music begins, as you see the helpless intoxicated girl swimming above; she has no idea what lurks beneath her.

The tempo increases as the camera gets closer and closer. She gets ducked down and then bobs back up. Suddenly gets dragged horizontally she screams as she gets shook about. She gets pulled down and doesn’t come back up the screaming has stopped and you know that’s she is dead. The sea calms the shot slowly fades to the morning where it is still undisturbed.

In conclusion I would defiantly recommend this film it has been a hit, and hope there is going to be more terrifying sequels.


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