Review of Moses in Egypt by Brad Kessler Essay

This paper is from the book “Moses in Egypt “ by Brad Kessler.

I was interested to learn how mosses could be able to convince ferro and his tribe to listen to him. In my point of view the most interesting fact about mosses life was the fact that he did not just stated the fact and logic but he used a lot of magic in order to convince his people and ferro to listen to him. At the beginning, god tells mosses “put your stick on the ground and your stick will become like a snake” but that was not enough for ferro ; his magicians could already do that.In addition there were more magic tricks that god ordered mosses to do but ferro was still not impressed and convinced.

The last and only magic from god that could convince ferro to release Israelis out of slavery was to take life of each Egyptian family’s oldest (first) child; As a result, all first child’s of Egyptian families died at the same time at one day and that incident could finally convince ferro to let mosses and his people leave Egypt.In my point of view it is very interesting to note that people at Ferro time believed in magic a lot. Maybe we can conclude that it was the reason why Egyptians could not achieve as much in science as Greek ; because Greek were always thinking that there should be a reason for everything in this world and magic cannot be the answer of everything that is going on.


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