Review of Related Literature of Enrollment System Sample Essay

This chapter presents the different literature and surveies that are related and relevant to this research.

This chapter besides tells us how mechanization and computing machine package greatly accelerate human technological procedures and promotion.Foreign LiteratureIndia’s higher instruction system is the 3rd largest in the universe. after China and United State. The chief government organic structure at third degree is the University Grants Commission. Which enforces its criterions. advises the authorities. and assist co-ordinate between the centre and the province? Accreditation for higher acquisition is overseen by 12 independent establishments established by the University Grants Commission. As of 2009.

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India has 2 cardinal university 215 province universities. 100 deemed universities. 5 establishments established and working under the province act. and 13 institutes which are of national importance. Other establishments include 16000 colleges. including 1800 sole women’s colleges. working under these universities and establishments.
A package development and IT service house implemented its accelerator in Governor Andres Pascual College was integrated web platform to supply content direction.

dealing processing. selling and synergistic community maps to the two rice schools. Catalyst delivers on the Jones Schools two primary standards for choosing web-based platform simplifying content direction. and enabling user’s response to information such as event RSVP and class enrollment. The content direction tools allow the Jones school staff edits update or add to the volume of course of study and event information without naming for proficient aid.

They merely cut and glue papers into the content direction system audit for dwelling and publish to the web. The schools diverse audiences. which include MBAs executive Mb As executive instruction participants. and alumnas.

now receive prompt presentments of intelligence and events. and can RSVP for event or registry online for executives education classLocal SurveiesStudents Performance under keeping policyIn 1998. University of the East College of Business Administration under her leading was listed by the Professional Regulation Commission ( PRC ) as the figure 3 top executing school with over 100 testees. This uninterrupted public presentation is the ground that it granted a 2nd degree re-accreditation by The Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation ( PACUCOA ) . Together with the keeping policy there are several plans implemented in order to better the evaluations.

Within the past 60 old ages. the college of concern disposal produced more than 350 top placers in the CPA Board Examination. Twenty-nine of these were first placers. while 50 were 2nd and 3rd placers.

The remainder dominated the 4th to the twentieth slots. It continues to bring forth alumnuss who are extremely placed in private and authorities establishments. The top nursing schools for 2009 for scope 1 ( with 1000 and up takers ) are: Far Eastern University Manila with 1982 passers out of 2656 takers or 74. 62 % passing rate ; Centro Escolar University Manila with 720 out of 1002 or 71. 86 % . It merely proves that the keeping has been effectual.


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