Reviews on the Book: Thief by Markus Zusak Sample Essay

As I was completing The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

my head was rushing. and my bosom was heavy from understanding for the characters. In truth. if it weren’t for this assignment. I most probably would hold ne’er picked up this book. I’ve read so many novels on the Holocaust that I’ve go uninterested and blase to reading about the subject in all. This book was different. It was written in a alone and beautiful manner.

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and the narratives were wholly new. If I were to rate this book. from A-F ( A being the highest. and F being the lowest ) . I would give it a B.The Book Thief was narrated by Death.

which I thought was alone because Death sided for neither Nazis nor Jews. He ne’er said whether he thought the Germans were the good cats or the bad cats. he merely told us about the horrors of the human race. “I am haunted by worlds. ” ( Zusak 550 )The narrative was about a German household which I felt was reviewing because about all Holocaust books are about the adversities Jews had to travel through and their experiences.

The narrative showed that non all Germans at the clip agreed with Hitler. so it’s good to see the war from different positions. “’I hate the Fuhrer. ’ she said. ‘I hatred him. ’” ( Zusak 115 ) This quotation mark shows that non all Germans supported Hitler.

and that they could detest him every bit much as the Jews did.I would give this book a perfect A if Death did non botch parts of the narrative for me. “*** A SMALL ANNOUNCEMENT*** ABOUT RUDY STEINER He didn’t deserve to decease the manner he did.

” ( Zusak 241 ) Death tells us that Rudy dies 100s of pages before it really happens. My favourite portion about reading a book is the component of surprise. I had to go on reading the remainder of the book cognizing what happens to one of the chief characters. When Rudy eventually did decease. I wasn’t really sad or affected because I knew it was traveling to go on.

This made my reading experience much less gratifying.Overall. I was really satisfied with this book and am glad I read it. I think a B is a really just class and is precisely what the book deserves.


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