Rhetorical Analysis of the Declaration of Independence Essay

In the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson. one of the establishing male parents of the United States. explains to his readers why the settlements chose to get rid of Great Britain’s authorities. His end is to inform the readers that the authorities has certain duties to the governed and that the British failed to adhere to its duties to its settlers.

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His 2nd end is to warrant their actions by explicating why it was non considered lese majesty. By set uping his credibleness and appealing to ethos. poignancy and Son. Jefferson successfully wrote an enlightening. impactful. and inspirational papers. In order for Jefferson to gain his readers’ support.

he needs to set up his credibleness. He does so by saying that “it becomes necessary for one people to fade out the political bands” and “a decent regard to the sentiments of world. ” By admiting his demands of explicating to his educated readers the grounds for the colonies’ actions.

he shows them that he is an intelligent adult male of good character and good purposes. In the 2nd paragraph. Jefferson stated “Prudence. so. will order that Governments…” to stress that he is cautious and sensible. Before naming the grudges. he stated “let Facts be submitted to a blunt universe. ”He wishes to portion them to an honest and sincere universe to set up a common land with the audience.

After naming the grudges. he guaranteed the readers of the colonists’ honest attempts to repair the struggle without holding to divide by asseverating “We have petitioned for Redress in the most low footings: Our perennial Requests have been answered merely perennial hurt. ” He continues by confirming that the settlers have tried to appeal to the King and “our British brethren. ” His use of the word “brethren” shows that he is low. respectful. and good willed. He concludes the declaration with an honest avouchment which states that the representatives of the United States of America are willing to plight “our Lifes.

our Lucks and our sacred Honor” for the rules spoken in the declaration. In Jefferson’s declaration. both the organisation and the usage of logic are effectual and equal. He begins with the colonists’ cardinal beliefs that “all work forces are created equal. that they are endowed by their Godhead with certain inalienable Rights. ” He addresses that the function of the authorities is to procure and protect the rights of the people. As he proceeds. he states that if the authorities fails to “secure these rights.

” so “it is the Right of the People to change or to get rid of it. and institute new Government. ” Jefferson so creates a list of ways in which the British authorities has violated and stripped the settlers of their rights.Through the inductive cogent evidence.

he explains the ground in which the settlers must go independent from Britain to derive freedom and to be treated reasonably. The list of grudges strongly entreaties to his audience’s emotions. Jefferson utilizes a powerful.

emotional enunciation to implement the colonists’ sentiments toward the King’s character into his authorship. He uses certain words such as autocrats. invasions. slayings.

abdicated. decease. devastation. inhuman treatment.

brutal. and devastation. These words make the audience set up a sympathetic feeling towards the settlers and that the King is “totally unworthy [ to be ] the Head of a civilised nation” and “unfit to be the swayer of a free people. ” Jefferson decidedly proves the unfairness and ferociousness of the King and Parliament.Based on the Declaration of Independence. Elizabeth Cady Stanton drafted the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolution to show freedom to the American populace for equality with work forces under the jurisprudence. in instruction and employment. Stanton explains to her readers why striping adult females from their rights is unconstitutional and unfair.

Her first end is to convert the work forces and adult females of the United States in the support of women’s rights motion. . Her 2nd end is to demand the rights of adult females as right-bearing persons be recognized and respected by society. By using logical statement.

set uping her credibleness and appealing to the audience’s emotions. Stanton is able to convey a sense of indorsement.Stanton modeled her declaration with the Declaration of Independence to exemplify that her list of logical statements are simple and clear. She states that “we hold these truths to be axiomatic: that all work forces and adult females are created equal…” to turn to that every human being is created with the same qualities ; therefore.

adult females should non be treated otherwise. She understands that her audience knows the “inalienable rights” that the authorities must protect and procure. Believing in this belief. Stanton wants the audience to oppugn why adult females are non awarded with rights when both sexes are claimed to hold been given by the Creator. Her mentions to religion efficaciously coerce the audience to believe that the Torahs created by the authorities displease God and his jurisprudence of equality. Stanton proceeds to name the grudges that adult females experienced in the United States. Her usage of enunciation and syntax evoke certain emotions out of the audience. Similar to the Declaration of Independence.

Stanton uses repeat in her list to stress and impact the audience emotionally.In the list. Stanton states that “he has monopolized about all the profitable employments…she receives but a bare wage. ” This is one of the subjugation that efficaciously entreaties to the audience’s emotion. She wants her readers to experience sympathy over what it is like to work indefatigably for long hours to non being able to maintain the money. Stanton uses powerful linguistic communications such as “civilly dead” and “long train of maltreatments and usurpations” to carry the audience to see her point and fall in the motion. For Stanton’s statement to work.

she has to gain her readers’ trust. She knows that most of the adult females will back up her demands ; nevertheless. she particularly needs to derive the support from work forces for the statement to be more effectual. She establishes credibleness by using similar words from the Declaration of Independence to show that she is intelligent. In the last paragraph.

she states “we insist that they have immediate admittance to all the rights and privileges…” to demo that she is low and gracious. She is non inquiring to take anything from work forces. but instead she is merely take a firm standing that adult females get the same rights as work forces.

Both drafts consist of definite logical statements. well-organized ethical and powerful emotional entreaties. Thomas Jefferson and Elizabeth Cady Stanton successfully use a broad scope of elements to pull the audience and convert them to back up their cause. Their passion and finding to derive freedom while sing the obstruction of unequal rights were strongly expressed in their Hagiographas. Although rhetoric is used by many to make a negative intension. writers utilize rhetorical schemes to accomplish their intent of carrying or informing an statement.Thomas Jefferson was able to articulately outline an inspirational and echoing declaration formed the footing for the American Revolution. His declaration became a important function theoretical account for other states and people who were sing similar struggles such as France and adult females.

By implementing rhetorical devices. he was able to convert many Americans that independency. which they foremost apprehended as immorality. was in truth a blessing.


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