Rick Riordan Essay

Rick Ordain Books, there is probably no one in the whole wide world who doesn’t like to read them. Many people are especially thankful to the authors that write the books. Authors aren’t Just the creators of wonderful books that we crave; they have their own life too.

In fact, events in an author’s own life have influenced them to write excellent books. A perfect example could be Helen Keller. Helen had grown up both deaf and blind, and that influenced her to learn brail and she wrote many books about her own life.

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Another favorite is Rick Ordain.Rick Ordain has written many underfed books and series that children and adults both enjoy. Like Helen Keller, Rick Ordain also had his own life story which was; Rick Radian’s Journey to becoming a world class writer. Rick Ordain was born on June fifth in the year of 1964, in San Antonio, Texas. While attending middle school, Rick was very intrigued by Greek and Norse mythology. After middle school, Rick attended Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio. In high school, he was the editor of the school newspaper.Rick also wrote an underground newspaper that was degrading the school, especially the losing football team (Ordain).

Both of Rick Radian’s parent’s were teachers, and they both also had other occupations. Rick’s father was ceramicist, which is someone who makes things out of clay. His Mother on the other hand was both a musician and an artist (Ordain). While Rick Ordain attended college at The University of Texas in Austin, he worked at a summer camp for three years as the music director. This summer camp inspired camp Half-Blood, a summer camp in his Percy Jackson series.Growing up in an artistic family had influenced him to write and play the guitar. Rick Ordain married and he lived with his wife in San Francisco for eight years, and then moved o San Antonio when they had their two kids, Haley and Patrick (Ordain).

The exposition of Rick Radian’s writing career was in middle school, where he started to write. He was thirteen when he submitted his first story for publication, it was turned down. His first published writings were two short stories in the OUTS literacy magazine. Rick worked as a teacher and then stopped to become a full time writer.While he was still a teacher, he loved to teach mythology, this had also inspired his writing. During his writing career, Rick helped create The 39 Clues series. He started by writing the first book, The Maze of Bones.

He also was one of the authors for the eleventh book, Vespers Rising, and he wrote the introduction in The Black book of Buried Secrets (Ordain). Percy Jackson, the main character in his Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, was based off of his son Haley, who was diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia (“Biography’).In the year of 1998 Rick Ordain had received the Shamuses Award and Anthony Award for Big Red Tequila.

Rick Ordain was awarded the Edgar Award for Best Paperback original for The Widower’s Two-Step in the year of 1999. In 2008, Rick Ordain had received the Mark Twain award for The Lightning Thief and later in 009; he received the same award for The Sea of Monsters. The Lightning Thief had also rice the Rebecca Ca II award in 009 (Hester). Rick Ordain has received many reviews for his books, such as: Rick’s The Red Pyramid did not stick to the reader as much as The Lost Hero and Percy Jackson and the Olympian series did.When the reader read The Throne of Fire, he wished he read The Red Pyramid over again because he wanted to see if his opinion changed (“Review: The Throne of Fire”) Rick Ordain has many hobbies that he and his family enjoy. Rick likes to travel with his family, he plays guitar, and loves to swim. He cares for his three pets; a mixed Golden Labrador, and two black cats. Rick Ordain enjoy playing World of Warrant, games on the Nintendo WI, all of which he enjoys with his children (Ordain).

According to Avery, “Rick Ordain is a hero because he is an inspiration by writing books. He helps others accomplish their dreams by filling their minds with words. He is a hero because he never gave up or broke down while he was writing.

He influences me by writing amazing stories and making me to want to be like him. I look up to Rick Ordain, and he is my hero (Avery). ” According to Christine Alcott, “Rick Radian’s Percy Jackson and the Olympian series is a good example of modern literature referring to classic works.The popularity of the books and the release of the first movie make this series a perfect jumping off point.

In a rather obvious way, these books draw heavily from the wealth of ancient Greek and Roman mythology (Christine). ” Under different sections, Rick Ordain has published 24 novels and 2 films. In 2010, Rick Ordain went to be featured at the San Diego Comic-con International. There are three genres that Rick Ordain currently writes in; they are detective action, fantasy, and mythology (“Fun and Interesting Facts about Rick Ordain. “).In collage, Rick Ordain double-majored. For a duration of fifteen years, Rick has taught at a number of public and private schools in California and Texas. Rick Ordain didn’t want to change the way he pictured his characters so he didn’t see the movie of The Lightning Thief.

Rick has revealed that his upcoming set of books will be about Norse Mythology. According to The Demigod Files, a companion book that Rick wrote to go along with Percy Jackson and the Olympian, and The Lost Hero series, Rick is the Enron scribe at Camp Half-blood (“Biography’).I have read a lot of Rick Radian’s books and his work is really inspiring to not only me but to other young authors out there. I really like the way he interprets mythology and humor into his books.

I have discovered wonderful and fascinating information about Rick Ordain and it makes me want to meet him in person. He really inspires me to write by creating characters that you grow to love as if they were your best friend. Rick Ordain uses his writing skills proficiently to inspire everyone that reads his books, to follow their dreams.


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