Rights and Responcibilities Sample Essay

Understand employment duties and rights in wellness. societal attention or kids and immature people’s scenes Know the statutory duties and rights of employees and employers within ain country of work. 1.

1 The facet of employment covered by jurisprudence are:* Minimum pay* Discrimination* Health and safety* Holiday entitlements* Redundancy and dismissal* Training* Disciplinary processs* Union rights and audience

1. 2 The chief characteristics of current employment statute law are:* The employment right act 1999 and 2003* The Sex Discrimination Act. 1975* The Equal Pay Act of 1970* The Race Relations Act. 1976* The Disability Discrimination Act. 1995* The National Minimum Wage Act. 1998* The Employment Relations Act. 1999* The Health and Safety Regulations 1997* Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations ( COSHH ) ( 2002 )* The Manual Handling Operations Regulations ( 1992 )* Human Rights Act ( 1998 )


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3 statute laws associating to employment exists because this is to protect the employer and the employee. and to do certain that they stick to these at all times. it is besides the jurisprudence for the employer should non see age and if the individual is pregnant if they employ them.1.

4 Sources and types of information and advice available in relation to employment duties and right are:* ACAS* CAB and brotherhood* contracts* policy paperss* footings and conditions* occupation descriptions

Understand agreed ways of working that protect ain relationship with employer.2. 1 The footings and conditions of ain contract of employment are I am contracted to work on land floor in my scene and that I work 24 hours a hebdomad. It besides shows the sum of wage I am acquiring per hr.

I am besides entitled to hold 5. 6 hebdomads holiday pay per twelvemonth which I can take anytime from April till the terminal of March. I am besides entitled to hold one hr interruption for every twelve hr displacement I do which is split up into 3 different interruptions.

I can hold two 15 proceedingss and one 30 minute interruption. If I am ill I have to phone up by 12s that twenty-four hours. this is so that my employer can cover my displacement. If I am off for longer than a hebdomad I have to provide my employer a displacement note off my physician saying when I was away work to the twenty-four hours I come back to work and it besides states why I am away ill and when I can return to work. If I leave my workplace I have to do certain that I give my employer two hebdomads notice before I can go forth. I have to do certain that everything that happens at work I keep confident this is to esteem the individual’s that I care for.

2. 2 The information shown on my wage statement are:* Name* Date* Hourly rate* Rate of wage* The payment method* Department* Tax paid* National insurance paid* Gross national insurance* Gross revenue enhancement* Payment period* Net sum of wage* Tax codification

2. 3 The processs to follow in the event of grudge are that you should ever be treated with regard and self-respect and the civilization and the spiritual back land they are from. You should ever describe a decease to the local authorization within 24 hours after the decease of the person. When we come into contact with anybody you ne’er know if any infections or fluids are at that place. do we must retrieve that we should ever have on protective baseball mitts and aprons before come ining the individual’s room. In my nursing place and we notice that the person has died we should do certain the individual has merely got one pillow underneath their caput and we should take down the caput on the bed.

We should so describe this to the nurse in charge that dark. When this has been done the nurse will so phone for another nurse off a different floor for them both to conform the decease of the person.Once this has happened we so name the household if they aren’t at that place to allow them cognize their household member has passed off. If the person has got a catheter or a syringe driver the nurse so has to travel and take these. Besides if they have got any dressings on their organic structure we so change the dressings and set a fresh 1 on. We need to do certain that all dressing or any catheters and begeting drivers are all put into the yellow bags. Dirty wash should be placed in to a ruddy wash bag.

When we have done all of this we need to give the person was wash with warm soapy H2O. Besides put them into clean dark apparels. We besides make certain that we put clean sheets and a clean cover on once we have washed them ; we besides make certain that they have their false dentition in.

We phone the medical examiner after we have phoned the household.If the person was a mineworker we should non touch the person we should name the constabulary and delay for a medical examiner to come and roll up the organic structure. we are non allowed to touch so at all.

When we have done that. the nurses fill out all the paper work to corroborate the decease and personal inside informations and send with the person.2. 4 The personal information that must be kept up to day of the month with ain employer are:* Name alteration* Bank history inside informations* Home reference* Next of family* Contact figure


5 The in agreement ways of working with my employer are to do certain I know and stick to my occupation description and do certain that I attend to the occupants needs throughout the dark. I besides need attend all staff meetings and classs that the place has to offer me. To do certain I read care programs of occupants so I know alterations that happen or penchant that the single alteration. I besides have to do certain that I follow the policy and processs of the place. I besides need to lodge with the familiar of the modus operandi so the person know what happens throughout the dark.

An illustration of this after supper most occupants go to bed. I besides need to do certain that I do the dark responsibilities which include cleaning tabular arraies in the sofa. seting table apparels on in the dining room. vibrating the sofa. cleaning the lavatories and acquiring the wash and seting it off.Understand how ain functions tantrums within the wider context of the sector3. 1 my ain function tantrums within the bringing of the service provided because I look after and care for the services users physical. societal and emotional attention demands.

I am at that place through the dark assisting them with their physical takes when they need help with them. I besides help them in the forenoon acquiring up washed and dressed when they want to acquire up. We besides give them their supper and assist them with their supper which is cooked by head that we have on site. If it wasn’t for the head we would hold to cook their eventide repast whilst looking after them. We work aboard a nurse which is their throughout the dark to give out their medicine. if it wasn’t for the nurse we would hold to give out medicine which we would necessitate developing for.3.

2 The effects of ain function service proviso is that the attention place is split up into a figure of groups that help the place tally swimmingly. They are* Cares* Senior attentions* Nurses* Maintenance staff* Cooks* Laundry staff* HR decision maker

Without all these groups the place would non run swimmingly you need all these people that are specialized in their ain occupation. If the place didn’t have care staff the place wouldn’t be able to run because if something interruptions like a lavatory so we would hold to phone a Plummer in that could take a long clip.

we could merely name our care staff if something interruptions in the dark and he would come out and repair it.3. 3 My ain function as a carer links within the wider sector because if I was in a infirmary I would still be at that place to care and look after the person. I would still make the things I would make in the nursing place as I would make in a infirmary. I would still make the physical. societal and emotional side of my occupation with the occupants in the infirmary and be at that place in the dark when they need any of their demands met.3.

4 The attention quality committee is a service to supply to all attention services in England. this included the NHS. local governments. private companies and voluntary organisations. It is besides to protect people under the mental wellness act. the attention quality committee has to do certain that all criterions of quality and safety is being met in where all attention is provided in the services that has been stated above. It has the power to take action when they feel that the attention and safety of service users have non been met. The attention quality commission’s purpose to do certain all the best attention is provided for everyone even if it is in their place.

infirmaries or attention places.By jurisprudence all services have to be registered to the attention quality committee to demo that they are protecting their service users from hazard of infections. All attention puting has to register by jurisprudence from October 2010 to demo they are run intoing all the criterion of quality and safety of their service users.

If their attention place or infirmary hasn’t registered they will non be allowed to run if they don’t registry. The attention quality committees have got a scope of legal powers ; it can take actions if they feel that the scene does non run into the criterions of quality attention and the safety of the service users. Or even if they feel that the service users are at hazard in any manner. The legal powers could be mulcts or a public warning.

It can besides demand that a scene can be closed down until the puting meets the demands of safety. It can besides take the scene off the attention quality committee registry.Understand calling tracts available within ain and related sectors4.

1 The different types of occupational chances are:* Nurse* Mental wellness nurse* Career in a infirmary* Senior calling* Social worker

4. 2 The beginnings of information related to a chosen calling tract are* Traveling to look at different nursing places* Traveling to look at infirmaries* Sending my Curriculum vitae to other attention places* Sending my Curriculum vitae to infirmaries* Looking for occupations on the cyberspace* Looking at occupations in the occupation centres* Traveling to connexions for aid looking for a occupation

4. 3 The following stairss in my ain calling tract are:* To remain in the attention puting I’m in* Get better accomplishments* Get my nvq degree 3* Find out more information in nursing

Understanding how issues of the public concern may impact the image and bringing of the sectorThe occasions where the populace have raised concerns sing issues within the sector are:* Stafford infirmary* Harold shipman* Ian Huntley* Baby Peter

Stafford infirmaryStafford infirmary was in the intelligence because it neglected the aged and other service users who went at that place. It was said that they didn’t provide all their basic attention demands. These are things like hygiene.

hydration and nutrition. It was said that people was being left for long periods of clip without been seen or even offered drinks whilst they were waiting. Now this has changed CQC has said that since all these bad imperativeness that Stafford infirmary has improved their quality of attention to the services users and they are happy with the advancement that has been made. This fits into my attention place because we make certain that all our quality of attention provided is to a high criterion. Harold Shipman
Harold Shipman was in the intelligence because he was a consecutive slayer after killing about 216 people by shooting his patients with diamorphine ( diacetylmorphine ) . Most of his patients where aged adult female.

He did it to the patients that he knew didn’t have household left so he could acquire their personal properties. He changed all the patients paperss. and marked on them that they were to be cremated. The lone ground constabulary found out that it was the diacetylmorphine that was killing these patients was because they did a postmortem on a organic structure and they discovered diacetylmorphine in the musculuss. They did postmortem on other organic structures and that’s when they realised he was shooting them to acquire their money and personal properties.

This has changed in my attention scene because lone nurses can give out medicine the occupant needs it. And we have a physician come in and order the occupants the medicine that they need to take. We have to document everything that a occupant takes and if they ask for more medicine throughout the dark. Ian HuntleyIan Huntley was in the intelligence because he murdered two immature misss who attended the school he worked at as a caretaker. He was subsequently discovered to be a sex wrongdoer to many of immature misss who was involved with societal services. He was involved in these offenses 1990 and still got a occupation as a caretaker because the filled the CRB signifier out but set his family name as Nixon this would hold shown that he didn’t have any of the colza charges etc. The CRB has now changed before you could make full them out and direct them off without any papers to turn out who you are.

Now you have to finish the CRB in you workplace and take several paperss to turn out who you are. This fits into my work topographic point because you can non get down working at that place until you have your CRB cheque back to demo that I have non been in problem with the constabulary before.Baby PeterBaby Peter was in the intelligence because he was neglected by his female parent and measure dad. he had societal services visit his place on a figure of occasions where they put babe Peter into a Foster attention place because of him being neglected.

He was subsequently put back into the place with his female parent. He was physically abused where societal services didn’t pick up on this which was excessively late because babe Peter died. This has now changed because societal services now check out all the studies within seven yearss of acquiring the study through. 85 % of the instances end up with their kids in Foster attention because societal services cheque for more whilst on their visit. This relates to my attention place because all the individual’s I care for as societal services provides fiscal support for people who have been assessed as eligible for long-run attention and who meet the Local Authority’s fiscal standards.


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