”Road to Mecca” by Athul Fugard Sample Essay

In The Road to Mecca we learn about conformance and eccentricity and how people who stray from the normal recognized route are judged and condemned for simply being themselves. But we besides learn about love and friendly relationship and the people who experience these approvals.Set in a little town in the Karoo part of South Africa The Road to Mecca is the narrative of miss Helen. an creative person seeking to last in an stray community. and her two friends. Marius. the local dominus. and Elsa.

a school teacher from the metropolis.Feeling entirely and unable to finish her work Miss Helen. in a province of depression.

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writes a missive pleading for aid to her long clip friend Elsa. Both adult females have much in common — both are Rebels against the normal recognized societal criterions: Elsa teaches extremist stuff to her colored pupils. and Helen’s alien graphics defies traditional impressions of art embracing her full house and garden. her ain homemade Mecca.On geting at the house. Elsa discovers Miss Helen is despairing for person to assist her renew her religion in herself. After a series of accidents around the house. the local dominus.

and good friend. Marius has decided to seek and convert Miss Helen to retire to his church’s old age place.In one eventide. friendly relationships are challenged and beliefs questioned as they confront themselves and one another.

Convinced that Miss Helen is unfit to populate by herself. Marius tries to pull strings Miss Helen into traveling into the retirement place. Elsa. on the other manus. congratulationss Miss Helen’s freedom and individualism claiming that Miss Helen is “the first genuinely free spirit I have of all time known” .In the terminal. the friendly relationship of the two adult females triumphs in a reassertion of friendly relationship and love reconciling differences.

The narrative of the drama is the narrative of the friendly relationship and the differences in the characters of Elsa and Helen. It is the nature of this friendly relationship that drives the secret plan frontward. The about sharply active Elsa provokes a apparently inactive Helen to explicate why she feels as she does. Through seeking to explicate their motives to each other. they achieve a greater apprehension of their ain actions every bit good as those of their friend. In The Road to Mecca. Elsa and Helen are both oppressed by their environments. They are both white adult females.

Elsa from the broad metropolis. and Helen from the conservative Afrikaner society.Helen’s friend Dominee Marius is an added accelerator introduced at the very terminal of the first act to give another position to this really complex drama.Other characters such as Patience. the black adult female next to the route and Katrina. Helen’s coloured friend from town are merely referred to and ne’er really appears in the drama. They are simply at that place to online the barrier between race and society in the South African Apartheid-era.Therefore by emotionally affecting us the reader and playgoer into the drama we are interested in the quandary the dramatist creates.

therefore making a really memorable drama.


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