Robin Hood Sample Essay

In the novel of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves directed by Kevin Reynolds. Robin of Locksley.

an English adult male who joined King Richard in the Third Crusade. Robin Hood is in Jerusalem along with his friend Peter. Robin escapes. salvaging the life of Azeem. but Peter dies while get awaying and has Robin swear to protect his sister Maid Marian.

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Robin returns to England with Azeem. who said that he will be with him until he salvage his life. In England.

when Robin Hood still off. the barbarous Sheriff of Nottingham regulations over the land. killing Robin’s male parent because he refused to fall in him.After Robin Escape from Jerusalem and he acquire to England he found his male parents organic structure and Duncan blind. One of his act of bravery is when offer robin goon salvage the small child and killing 6 of the adult males and 4 Canis familiariss od the sheriff salvaging the small child to decease he told one of the guards to state the sheriff that he was back. He was protecting the people of his land besides repossessing his land.

Leadership is another features that makes Robin Hood a hero. He shows is leadings when he acquire all the hapless people that lives in the wood together and construct a little small town in the wood where he form and develop the people the defend their ego against the sheriff and guards. After he trained them they star stealing the money of the rich that travels in the forest taking tonss of gold after they have all the gold they give it to the hapless who suffer because of the sheriff.


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