Role and Achivements of the OIC Mission Sample Essay

Activate relationship with the US Government.

media and civil society: The Mission has activated and enhanced its relationship significantly with celebrated US-based think armored combat vehicles. policy and sentiment shapers. faculty members. media and mainstream Muslim communities in the US to better project the OIC places.

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concerns and involvements. The Mission besides works to maintain the US executive and legislature up-to-date on the OIC’s activities and precedence action countries. Further the OIC’s excellent relationship with the United Nations: Thankss in big portion to the attempts of the OIC Secretary General. who developed a close personal resonance with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

as was besides the instance with the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. the dealingss between the two organisations have gone from strength to strength. This can be evidenced by the progressively broader and more substantial nature of the OIC-UN cooperation declarations. with 27 holding been adopted by the UNGA since 1975.Partnerships abound on a scope of developmental enterprises and the energy instilled by the OIC Secretary General is maintained through constructive bilateral exchanges at the highest degree.

Such exchanges include the Biennial General Meeting on Cooperation between the UN and the OIC every bit good as – on the out of boundss of the one-year UNGA General Debate – audiences between the Secretary Generals of the two Organizations. bilateral exchanges with the Heads of States and Governments and deputation degree negotiations with the UN’s Department of Politial Affairs. Enhance ties with the OIC Groups in New York and Washington DC: The OIC Secretary General has. as one of his foremost aims.

aimed at the deepening of solidarity and cooperation amond the Muslim Ummah. To this terminal. he has engaged straight with the OIC Groups in New York at the UN and in Washington DC to ease an Islamic integrity and constructive battles with all the concerned.

He has tasked this Mission to guarantee that the Resolutions adopted by the OIC Summits and Conferences. peculiarly those that necessitates follow-up and execution at the degree of the UN. are acted upon by the OIC Group. which holds the audiences at the Ambassadorial. Executive Committee. Troika and Expert degrees. including assorted Working Group.

Attempts are besides being made to recognize the potency of the Ambassodarial Group in Washington DC in fostering the nucleus aims of the OIC. Strengthen cooperation with all relevant regional and inter-governmental organisations: The Mission has worked to intensify its partnerships with cardinal regional and inter-governmental organisations and groups at the UN. including the Non-Aligned Movement ( NAM ) . Group of 77. African Union ( AU ) . League of Arab States ( LAS ) .

and the European Union ( EU ) . as portion of its attempts to construct consensus on issues of common concern.Given the Secretary General’s prioritization of facing challenges confronting Islam and the West. this Mission has regularized duologue with the EU in New York’ the OIC-EU Troika meetings are held sporadically to discourse and debate these issues and find follow-up actions.

Execute the Annual Coordination Meeting ( ACM ) of the OIC Foreign Curates: The ACM is one of the most of import one-year assemblages of the OIC Member States. supplying a platform for the representatives at the highest degree to consider the cardinal OIC precedences and places as they pertain to the docket of the UNGA and other cardinal UN organic structures. The OIC Secretary General has been taking a acute involvement in the result of the ACM as its Final Communique serves as the OIC Group’s chief steering papers on docket points on the relevant session of the UNGA. The OIC Mission. under the counsel of the Secretary General. plays the lead function in organizing and steering dialogues on the text of the Final Communique. every bit good as in puting the docket for the thematic argument of the ACM.

Every acme of the OIC concludes saying “any menace to security of any member province is a menace to universe peace and security and requires action within the model of the OIC” . Currently the function of the OIC is vague sing the on-going Israeli flagitious onslaughts on Palestinians. Why is the Muslim Ummah dormant? There are 57 Muslim states but all these are under the hegemony of large powers. All these seem to be soundless witnesss.

The OIC should take steps to forestall Israel’s farther aggression on the guiltless people of Gaza. In add-on to that. the international community. peculiarly human rights administrations. should step in in this struggle and decide it.

The UN should implement its nonsubjective to keep peace in the universe by forestalling and halting wars. 13/01/2010Statement of Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu. Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference at the Thematic Session of the UN Security Council On The Cooperation of the UN with the Regional Organizations 13th January. 2010 Mr. President. I would wish. at the beginning.

on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Conference. to show our gratitude to the Chinese deputation for holding taken the enterprise of forming this meeting on a topic that has a batch of bearing on turn toing the of import issues of peace and security in the universe. through foregrounding the function of regional organisations. I would besides wish to thank the UN Secretary General for his engagement in our argument.I voice my sincere thanks and show our grasp for his really pertinent and timely enterprise of forming a retreat for the caputs of Regional Organizations which was held in the past two yearss.

The retreat has proven to be a good juncture for the participants to acquire acquainted with one another and exchange positions and thoughts that enriched our cognition on many of import issues. The new OIC Charter adopted in 2008 stresses the importance for all member provinces to adhere to the rules of the care of international peace and security every bit good as esteeming the national sovereignty independency and territorial unity of other member provinces. An OIC Road Map papers under the rubric of Ten Year Programme of Action adopted in December 2005. which we consider as a bluish print of reform advancing moderateness and modernisation in the Muslim World. calls for beef uping the OIC’s activities in struggle bar. assurance edifice. peace maintaining.

struggle declaration and station struggle rehabilitation. in cooperation with international and regional organisations.Many of the issues on the Security Council’s docket relate to the Islamic universe and the OIC is of course seized of them. This fact demonstrates the importance of holding strong links of cooperation and coordination between the Security Council and the OIC. conducive to profit from both planetary and local attacks of turn toing these issues. This is all the more of import when we consider the fact that some of the top subscribers to the United Nations Peace Keeping Operations are OIC member provinces.

This experience is an plus from which the OIC could profit in appropriate state of affairss in the hereafter. While the OIC with its 57 members and 5 perceiver provinces. so far.

is non into peace maintaining operations. a declaration adopted at its last ministerial meeting held in Damascus in May 2009 opens the door for possible activities in a figure of related countries. This declaration called for an intergovernmental expert group to analyze a concept paper prepared by the OIC Secretariat on the Future Role of the OIC in Maintenance of Peace and Security. Peace Keeping and Conflict Resolution.The start of the Ministerial and adept degree argument on capacity edifice for peace and security facets within the OIC has surely enriched the new OIC reform docket. which already includes of import stairss such as constitution of an independent human rights committee and an international cooperation and human-centered personal businesss section. These stairss besides indicate our apprehension of the importance of socio-economic development.

human rights and human-centered aid in advancing peace and security. The OIC has late played an of import function in Iraq and succeeded in seting an terminal to the sectarian discord between the Sunni and Shiite cabals of the Iraqi society in the twelvemonth 2006. This intercession has proven to be instrumental in cut downing the moving ridge of violent deaths that reaped the lives of 1000s of Iraqi people. Its success can be measured by the fact that the OIC intercession has helped extinguish the spiritual factor from the struggle in Iraq.

Through our office in Baghdad we intend to follow up on our enterprise.From the point of position of a new vision and sense of duty which require the OIC to presume wider and proactive functions in covering with challenges and crises impacting the Muslim World. we are in the thick of inventing similar attacks for Somalia and Afghanistan. which would take into history the OIC’s potencies and comparative advantages. As a affair of fact. in the 1880ss of the last century. the OIC was called upon to turn to the crisis of civil war in Afghanistan in the wake of the backdown of the Soviet Troops. Then.

the OIC had managed to intercede among the warring Afghani cabals. and succeeded in reconstructing peace and security at that place. In Somalia. a founding member of the OIC. we actively participated and contributed to the dialogue procedure which led to the sign language of the Djibouti Agreement and formation of the Transitional Government. I believe that the hosting of the last meeting of the International Contact Group on Somalia in Jeddah at the OIC’s new central office was rather important in exhibiting our sense of duty in presuming wider function for peace and security in Somalia.Very shortly we will be opening a human-centered mission in Mogadishu.

which will be transformed into a fully fledged office in clip. In the last decennary the OIC has focused its activities on eliminating the root causes of terrorist act that has plagued some countries in the Muslim universe. We had to utilize local methods to destruct the doctrinal substructure of terrorist act based on wholly erroneous and falsely manipulated reading of the instructions of Islam. The OIC Academy of Islamic Jurisprudence has managed to expose this malignant strategy and to uncover its fallacious intents.

This attempt has helped in alarming the young person to the false belief of the pretentions of the extremists and has accordingly dealt a difficult blow to their activities and mostly reduced their flagitious offenses. This method of covering with such a flagellum has proven that planetary job could be solved by local redresss combined with coordination with the UN Security Council. The past experiences have shown that battling terrorist act through military agencies merely have non yielded convincing consequences. Fall backing to military steps means assailing the symptom instead than bring arounding the disease.In retrospect we should analyse in all candor what has been achieved from the War on Terror in the past old ages to see whether we made any advancement in bring arounding the disease or if we caused a sort of transmutation and farther spread of the virus. In this context.

I would wish to stress that the best manner to undertake the terrorist act phenomenon lies with attempt to extinguish the root causes of terrorist act. This attack means to get down with set uping channels of communications with the influential and loyal representatives of a given society plagued with terrorist act. with a position to deriving them to your side through offering them appropriate inducements.

and to convert them to seek to travel from the extreme and fringe to middle land. At the same clip. the most extremist and difficult nucleus extremist elements should be marginalized and isolated. When this is achieved. it will be easier to bit by bit travel to make new facts conducive to conveying about enduring and lasting peace and security.This attack might peculiarly turn out pertinent in the parts of the Muslim universe where radicalism considered to be on the rise. Similarly.

the OIC believes that undertaking the struggles entirely from the angle of security can non take to permanent and comprehensive solutions. Short term solutions must give manner to mid and long-run attacks necessitating proper apprehension of the root causes of the struggles. which frequently lie in political grudges. retardation.

underdevelopment. deficiency of good administration and human rights and concerns related to saving of national. cultural. cultural and spiritual individualities.

As a grade of its committedness to turn to socio-economic jobs that frequently serve as the root causes of struggles. the OIC has established a particular fund for poorness relief in Member States and a particular plan for the development of Africa. The extroverted OIC donors’ conference on the Reconstruction and development of Darfur part to be held in March 2010 is a clear instance in point. To reason. allow me repeat that the OIC will go on to lend to the care of international peace and security in every manner possible in cooperation with the United Nations and with the other regional and sub-regional organisations


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