An incognizant subscriber in drama Essay

Shakespeare’s great calamity ‘Romeo and Juliet’ tells the narrative of two. ‘star crossed lovers’ who through a series of complex turns. come to an finally tragic terminal. However did Shakespeare mean to propose that the tragic result was due wholly to destine. as it suggests through the duologue of the characters? Or otherwise. was it due to the personalities of the characters and the unfortunate context of their warring households? I will discourse this in my essay.

Shakspere begins this drama with a prologue to put the scene. in which it says. ‘death mark’d. ’ This quotation mark gives the feeling that the narrative will be tainted by bad luck from the really beginning of the drama.

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Following this quotation mark. is one that is said through the duologue of Romeo. ‘By some despicable forfeit of ill-timed decease. ’ This quotation mark suggests that something out side of his control.

will move upon him. ensuing in decease. Later in the drama. Romeo’s character once more applies that destiny is act uponing him. This is shown when he says. ‘ o.

I am fortunes sap. ’ Towards the terminal of the drama. Romeo one time more suggests that fate played a portion in the events that occurred. This is shown when Romeo says the following. ‘then I defy you stars. ’ All of these quotation marks suggest that Shakespeare obviously held destiny responsible for the events that took topographic point in the drama.

However Romeo’s personality is one that can non be ignored in this drama. due to his ‘risk-taking’ attitude. which could hold finally led to the tragic stoping. In this drama we can see that Romeo’s ‘risk taking’ initiates the meeting of Juliet. by his go toing the Capulet’s party.

Romeo is once more seen ‘risk taking’ when he spends the dark with Juliet after he has been banished from Verona. if he was caught he would confront decease as a effect. Anyone of these illustrations.

are a consequence of his personality. which could hold led to his decease. Romeo’s bravery is another major feature of his personality this leads him to put on the lining decease in order to see Juliet. and besides subsequently leads to their prohibited matrimony.

Romeo’s impulsiveness ushers him to hurriedly declaring his love for Juliet and their matrimony.This could hold been a lending component to the tragic terminal. as Romeo’s impulsiveness leads to a prompt matrimony. which in bend could take to more struggles between their ain two households. Another feature. which Romeo portrays. is his ability to be independent as his love for Juliet defies his parent’s outlooks and that of their society. Some may state that their independent personalities resulted in the result.

Juliet’ s features may hold besides played a major function in the events that occurred during the drama. Juliet is seen in the drama every bit brave as she lies in her ancestor’s grave. This bravery could hold supplied the two lovers’ . power to withstand their households in the name of love. However as both Romeo and Juliet’s personalities were brave. it meant that they were willing to take hazards and even decease for each other.Others peoples personalities. environing Romeo and Juliet could hold besides played a portion in their tragic stoping.

Such as their households. as If it were non for the century old household feud between Romeo and Juliet households. there would hold been no ground for them to conceal their love and so the drama would non hold ended in the manner in which it did.There are besides two other chief characters. whose personalities may hold helped the drama to stop with such a black result. These are. Friar Laurence and the nurse.

Friar Laurence’s personality was non one to mean the result. However unknown to him. his feature may hold caused the tragic terminal. Friar Laurence had a considerate personality and he thought by get marrieding the two lovers he would be able to reunite the two households.

This was non the instance. therefore ensuing in calamity. as a concatenation of events were unleashed.

The nurse was besides an incognizant subscriber in this drama. Her character was mother similar to Juliet and so she wanted to see Juliet happy in love. This characteristic resulted in her playing as a courier between Romeo and Juliet. as they would non hold been able to maintain in contact without her aid. Therefore the concatenation of events would non hold been started therefore the calamity would non hold happened without out the nurses caring personality.

In decision I feel that the result was non determined by destiny but alternatively by the hard state of affairss the two lovers found themselves involved in. Their personalities played a portion in the out come but I feel that. had the same characters been given a opportunity in different fortunes at that place would non hold been a calamity.


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