Lady Capulet’s determination Essay

One ground that the parents cause the tragic deceases in the drama is how they have been feuding with each other for many old ages. As the tragic drama opens. Sampson and Gregory. two Capulet’s. walk the streets of Verona speaking about the Montague’s. Sampson exclaims. “I / will force Montague’s work forces from the wall and thrust his / amahs to the wall” ( 1. 1.

15-17 ) . This expresses the arrant most hate that the two households have for each other. It is obvious that the parents are to fault from this case because if they did non feud with one another.

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so it would non be a job for Romeo and Juliet to fall in love. Besides. if the households had non been contending. the battle between their retainers.

Sampson. Gregory. and Abram. would ne’er hold happened. This bash led to magnify hatred because it brought back antique jobs the reader is uninformed of. The actions in the drama do a Domino consequence. and in other words. if one action did non go on.

the 1s afterwards would non either. For illustration. if the battle in the streets of Verona did non go on. so Benvolio would non hold had to interrupt it up. conveying Tybalt into the muss.The battle that started in the beginning of the drama was initiated with an ancient feud between the Montague’s and the Capulet’s. The following ground the parents are to fault for the deceases in the concluding scenes of the tragic drama is because they force Juliet into get marrieding Paris.

Juliet’s father angrily explains. “Be fettle your all right articulations ‘gainst Thursday next/ to travel with Paris to Saint Peter’s church. / or I will drag thee on a hurdle there” ( 3. 5.

158-160 ) . Bing pressured into going the married woman of Paris. Juliet felt disquieted and exploited. She begs at her father’s articulatio genuss in an effort to alter his relentless head. The assorted feelings of her deathless love for Romeo and her hurt in making something she does non desire to make do her to beg advice from Friar Lawrence. He comes up with a program that involves a potion.

If Juliet was non forced into going the married woman of Paris by her parents. so Friar Lawrence wouldn’t have had to do the program that blew up and ended up killing the lovers. Capulet and Lady Capulet’s determination of get marrieding Juliet and Paris led to the many deceases in the calamity.The last ground Romeo and Juliet’s parents are to fault for the result of the drama is that they changed the nuptials twenty-four hours.

As the Capulet house organizes to bind the knot with Juliet and Paris. Juliet enters. Capulet thinks it will do her happier because he thinks that Juliet is sad about the decease of Tybalt.

her cousin. He thinks this because he does non cognize of Romeo and changes the nuptials twenty-four hours a twenty-four hours earlier and orders. “Send for the county. Go tell him of this. / I’ll have this knot knit up tomorrow morning” ( 4.

2. 25-26 ) . This proves that the parents are to fault for the human deaths because if the nuptials day of the month was non changed. Friar Lawrence’s program would hold had adequate clip to play out and unravel. There are many miscommunications in the development of the program following through. Romeo did non acquire the missive from Friar Lawrence informing him that he could travel acquire Juliet from her grave because his courier got held back and at that place was non adequate clip.

The parents caused this because if they had non changed the nuptials day of the month. the program seems as it would play out right and stop with Juliet traveling to Mantua and being with her hubby. Romeo.

Friar Lawrence is straight responsible for the decease of Juliet in all ways. He makes non merely one. but three errors that all lead to Juliet’s decease. He gave a toxicant to Juliet. he trusted person else with a missive of great significance to present to Romeo. and he fled when Juliet was in the most danger at the grave.

Had he non hold made these three major awful errors. Juliet might non hold killed herself. Friar Lawrence made a major error that he could hold avoided himself. He trusted Juliet.

an unstable teenage miss. with a fake-death toxicant. This roseola determination was a really hapless pick on the friar’s behalf. Here. the mendicant shows his irresponsibleness by stating. “If… thou hast the strength of will to murder thyself… take 1000 this vial… no heat. no breath shall attest thou livest ; ” ( 4.

1. 72. 93. 98 ) Friar Lawrence’s thought for Juliet is really hazardous and he should hold known better than to seek it.

Because of what happens. everyone thinks Juliet is dead and shortly thenceforth. she is buried alive. This quotation mark shows the true significance of duty.

because when he says this. her life remainders in his custodies. Capulet is even foiled by the program. because when he says her forging her decease. he said.

“Death lies on her like an ill-timed frost” ( 4. 5. 28 ) .The bogus decease has fooled Capulet. Juliet’s male parent. and the remainder of the household. Had Friar Lawrence non hold given Juliet the toxicant. she would hold ne’er been put in the place that she was in.

which finally leads to her decease. Trusting Friar John to direct the missive. and non even stating him that the missive was pressing. was Friar Lawrence’s following large error. The error of him directing person else to make it was inexcusable ; a affair every bit of import as forging decease should be dealt with personally. Had Friar Lawrence have personally delivered the missive.

the program might hold gone swimmingly. Friar John shows his incompetency in the fifth act when he says “I could non direct it – here it is once more -” ( 5. 2.

14 ) . Showing Friar Lawrence’s hapless determination devising once more. this quotation mark absolutely shows how Friar Lawrence is responsible for Juliet’s decease by taking to direct the missive alternatively of presenting it. At that.

he should non hold trusted person every bit mediocre as Friar John.“The missive was non nice but full of charge. of beloved import. and the pretermiting it may make much danger. ” ( 5. 2. 18-20 ) Friar Lawrence trusted a complete clown at the most important of times and the monetary value was paid for the actions of both mendicants.

Consequently. Juliet dies because Friar Lawrence did non believe through that something might originate and a state of affairs this pressing must be dealt with personally. Friar Lawrence could hold easy avoided the state of affairs It is clear from my reading of the drama that Juliet’s parents and Friar Lawrence are responsible for the star crossed lover’s deceases at the terminal of the drama. While. They didn’t set out to kill Romeo and Juliet. they played a immense portion in their decease.

If they hadn’t acted the manner they did. Romeo and Juliet would still be alive.


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