Ronald Reagan and Event Political Event Essay

Chart and Reflection Part I The Event Name Regan won election , Type of event Political event , Americans wanted confidence in his ability to fix the economy his plans applealed conservative , Entered Presidency with energy making immedate decisions changing and blaming liberals, culopalization led to the creation of factories over sea and job loss in America.The Event Name Regans Plan, Type of event Political event , cutting taxes reduce size of government derelation included removing rules that force cars and trucks companies to reduce amisson for increase safety features, despite cutts the federal budget and debt continued to grow.

The Event Name Population Growth by Region , Type of event economic event, internation migrations , south and west regions increase growth after 1950 , higher rate more demand. The Event Name Population Growth by State , Type of Event Economic Event , Internation migrations and immagrants , most growth was south and west 1950-2000 , higher rate higher demand.The event Name CD(Compact Disc), Type of event social event , produced lived aid , Concert raised millions of dollars for famine relief in Africa and espically ethiopia, astronants used CDs (music) to wake themselves up in the morning but many astronants were killed. The Event Name “Just Say No” , Type of event social event , part of the presidents Domestic Policy for “The War On Drugs” , 1st Lady came up with the solgan and she visited schools to teach schoolchildren about the dangers of drugs. The Event Name Regan Challenges Gorbachev , Type of event was the event I picked , structure divided into east and west since WW II, Challenged the incerity of Gorbachev reform by publicy demanding to take wall down. The Event Name Perestokia, Type of event tge event I picked Economic reforms that included removing restruction on private ownership, reducing government, allowing for foregin investments of the government policy. Part II President Ronald Reagans Policies had a positive effect on the country for many reasons such as; Supporting Anti-Communism Revolutions, would not shy away from directly confronting Sovietd supported Regimes or Groups ETC.

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Reagan made a plan for the economy.He focused on cutting taxes, reducing the size of government even elmination certain controlls of buisness. Also, Deregrulation was another major thing Reagan did. Most noticed the improvement and relected Reagan in 1984. The most significant event of the 1980’s was Reagonmics.

This was used for numerous things. Presidents Economic Policies Durning the 1980s. These Included reducing taxes , limiting government spending on social programs and decreasing regulation on buisness and the economy. But histroians and economist still today debate the merits of Reagonmics.


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