Room 101 Speech: Ban Advertisements! Essay

Just imagine the situation – there you are snuggled comfortably on your sofa, with all your snacks laid out in front of you, totally transfixed by the gripping horror film with its premiere on TV that you’ve been waiting ages to see. You just can’t take your eyes away from the action, and as the suspense builds slowly and inexorably to a climax and your hand grips the side of the sofa, you ask yourself who the murderer was, and it’s about to be revealed when, suddenly, the dark scene is replaced by a blinding flash of light and a scene of a smiley dog owner patting his smiley dog on the head and recommending that you buy pedigree chum because 8 out of 10 dog owners prefer it.That carefully constructed suspense is just totally obliterated and it is just at that point that I felt like smashing my new flat screen TV to tiny pieces and filling the air with expletives that I couldn’t possibly repeat here, and waking all the neighbours.

TV Adverts – just saying the word causes a rush of blood to my head. If only I could banish them forever to room 101. Whether its adverts on the television or in a magazine, they are all extremely irritating and I think many people will agree with me.

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And what is that is so important, that I just won’t be able to live my life without, the product that will change my life completely and fill me with ecstasy and thank my lucky stars that I saw the advert? No, they are all just a load of rubbish that will be thrown into the bin and leave me that little bit poorer for my trouble.And what about the ridiculous creatures that take part in these so-called reality adverts. Is that shampoo really going to change your life when you have a face that looks like the back end of a bus? Their false smiles really drive me crazy. Do the companies really believe that they can persuade me with the rent a smile gang?European adverts are the worse where there is obviously dubbing so that it can be shown in many different companies. The actors don’t even look human.

Maybe they are also a product – new technologically advanced robot with gleaming teeth that almost require sunglasses to watch.I just can’t stand the constant drone telling me that I need this or that piece of that to make my life perfect.The worst thing is that I can’t seem to stop myself watching them either. They seem to hypnotise and attract all eyes towards them. It is worse after a hard working day I just can’t be bothered to change over the channel.

Advertisements are exceedingly annoying and redundant from everybody. For example, let’s pretend you have just turned on mythe television and have flicked onto an interesting movie. It’s a horror film, your favourite.You’re getting really into the movie and enjoying it, the suspense is building up and you’re dying to know what’s going to happen next.You’re coming to the climax of the film, you can’t wait to see what happens and you’re on the edge of your seat… and then the film stops which is replaced for 2 to 3 minutes of advertisements! Your sense oabf excitement has disappeared immediately!When the film eventually appears back on your screen, you have lost the desire and enthusiasm to watch the movie that you had just 3 minutes ago, and you are not the only one.

Research shows a substantial 91% of people agree with us, saying adverts ruin television programs, and a huge 79% of people asked said they wished advertisements were banned!So, what I wonder is why these infuriating advertisements aren’t getting stopped once and for all!On the other hand, some people erroneously think that adverts are useful, saying they use this time either to go to the toilet, make a drink or get a snack.Just in an hour long program there are ridiculous amounts of breaks in between. There is no way that people need to get up four times for a ‘useful’ break every 15 minutes which is outrageous! I understand the fact that adverts are there simply to advertise different products or services, but who actually watches them?Definitely not me, and I’m not the only one because a massive 94% of people don’t pay any attention to advertisements, and 86% of these people change the channel over whilst the advertisements are on.In conclusion, don’t you think that advertisements do nothing but annoy people as they ruin the programs you watch and the advertisements don’t get any attention by the vast majority of the population, therefore meaning they aren’t doing the job they are there for. They are frustrating and pointless; moreover I am sure everyone will agree that they should definitely be put into room 101.


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