Roosevelt vs Wilson: the Progressive Era Essay

There is normally great argument when discoursing whether Theodore Roosevelt or Woodrow Wilson was a better president during the Progressive epoch. In order to do an educated decision on who was the best. though.

we must foremost specify progressivism. Progressivism is the political orientation of those who favor advancement toward better conditions in authorities and society. With this in head. although it may look like the competition is cervix and cervix.

we can reason that Theodore Roosevelt was finally the better progressive president.Roosevelt. the replacement to the presidential term after William McKinley was assassinated. was whom it all began with. He focused chiefly on recommending preservation and antimonopoly reforms in order to reconstruct power to the federal authorities so that it could modulate concern. He was besides responsible for the passing of the Pure Food and Drug Act every bit good as the Meat Inspection Act that proved good to the wellness of U.

S. citizens.As for diplomatic negotiations. Roosevelt’s magnetic entreaty helped repair ties with Japan in order to keep an Open Door policy and negotiated with the Panamanians for the permission to construct a canal that would non merely cut down travel clip by boat.

but besides greatly increase the U. S. Navy’s power.

His purposes of breaking the United States certainly proved effectual.To be just. President Woodrow Wilson besides had assorted progressive thoughts.

but he had a different manner of nearing them. Wilson opposed large authorities and endorsed states’ rights during his run. but worked to beef up presidential power to accomplish banking reform and to carry through the Democratic docket. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was easy his most important statute law. but he besides supported the creative activity of the Federal Trade Commission. which was the sort of federal regulative bureau that Roosevelt had advocated in his New Nationalism platform.

However. once the stock of thoughts that made up the New Freedom were exhausted. he declared that the progressive motion had fulfilled its mission.

He so refused to back up child labour statute law. adult female right to vote. and the proviso of farm credits for nonperishable harvests. Had it non been for the fact that he wanted to win reelection by capturing ballots from former Bull Moose imperfects. reform might hold ended in 1913.Traveling back to the definition of the word progressivism. Roosevelt fits the description better because he genuinely favored advancement in the conditions of the U. S.

unlike Wilson who was unsure of precisely what it was that he wanted to make and merely returned to progressivism to derive popularity around election clip. Harmonizing to this definition. one can clearly reason that Theodore Roosevelt was the most progressive president.


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