Rubik’s cube Essay

“Woo… everything is dark, I can’t see anything, but I can sense something… ” Our English class lecturer told us to bring one unknown object to school and get a partner for this interactive activity. One of us is required to be blindfolded and guess what did our partner brought. When I am blindfolded, I found out that it is scary as I do not know what kind of things I am going to confront. Without eyesight, I felt so abnormal. Although I was left with four senses, I can’t imagine how terrible could that be, I will not get to know how someone’s look like, whether I am in danger, what to do if bad things occur.

Somehow, deeply in my heart, I felt pity to those blind people that will never know how beautiful our world is, they would not have the chance to experience all the things around. I felt so curious, really want to know what Mariah is going to show me. When I land my first finger on to it, I found out that I am holding something cube in shape. It has 6 faces, each faces made up of 9 small squares. “Yea, I knew it, it’s a Rubik’s cube. ” What a small world, I met something I had played for a long time, some more solving it is my hobby. Rubik’s cube had always been my favourite leisure game.

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I could easily imagine the whole description of the cube. It is made up of 3 x 3 x 3 small cube, with different colours at each side. Normally the opposite colour of red is orange, opposite colour of green is blue and opposite colour of white is yellow. Somehow, I thought about my other cubes that I left in my house in Alor Star. I haven’t brought them here because I am scared that my addiction towards it will cause my result deteriorated. I have a collection of them like pocket cube which was 2x2x2 cubes, Rubik’s cube (3x3x3), Rubik’s revenge (4x4x4), Rubik’s professor (5x5x5) and other puzzles more.

When I get the Rubik’s cube twist, I find out that it wasn’t like what I think, it was rougher than mine, possibly the owner didn’t add oil in it making the layer hard to turn around. For me, lubricant oil is crucial to make the cube twist without any friction, because it will affect the time you complete it. As a Rubik’s fanatics, you will always want to get yourself improve by beating your best time record. Therefore, there should be no excuse being slow cause by the nature of the cube. Another interesting part is the sound produced when solving the cube.

If I do video tape it, the non-stop shuffling sounds of cube actually give me a strong pleasure. It does fascinate me to do it again and again. Furthermore, engaged myself into a brainstorming state with confusing puzzle always get me excited. It had almost thousands of combination when it is scrambled. Fitting it back to its original position, takes days for those that do not know the solving formulae, but few seconds for those rubik’s maniac. Some other physical details are it can’t be compressed. I could feel that the cube is actually quite strong and firm. I think it could still withstand the impact dropping from high places.

I could feel that its stickers actually stick on the square. For me, I do not like rubik’s cube with coloured stickers on it, because it will easily come off if friction is apply. Later on, it won’t be beautiful anymore and if you do really treasure you will change those wear off stickers. So, I do prefer to use a cube with colour sprayed on it. The colour will maintain nice, just watch out do not play it when you have long finger nails. They might leave scratches and damaged it as well. The cube appeared to be about 80grams and its light because it is made up of plastic. It had a 5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm figures if I had not mistaken.

It is kind of having sharp corners and the end of each side. If I do, apply forces on it and slide off the edge, I might get myself cut. I do not like that design because it might hurt someone. “Come on, play it! Get it solved! ” these words keep on revolving around my mind since I touched the cube. I get involved in Rubik’s cube, when I am in secondary school and developed an obsession towards it since I started to do research on solving it. Solving cube makes me feel happy and let me have a sense of satisfaction. When I felt stress out, I would calm myself down by playing it.

I used to do it because it helps me relieve my mind and cast aside all the worries. I recalled last week, when I found a stall selling puzzle in Sunway Pyramid. I found out that it also selling 6x6x6 cube and 7x7x7 cube. I am so into it as I had spent a lot of time searching for them. Worst part of it, I felt disappointed when I saw it is made in China and with a ridiculous price of rm350 for both. Well, I got to think about whether I am going for it. Rubik’s cube was as if the soul and I am the body, we are not going to separate till the end of time. Oh gosh, I am really a Rubik’s maniac!


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