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Running head: Paragraph Assignment1
Paragraph Assignment
COMM 1048
Arshdip Singh Dhaliwal
Loyalist College
Jennifer Sommer
October 17, 2018
Paragraph Assignment 2
Paragraph Assignment
Manchester United is the greatest most well known football club in England as well as around the world. It has the biggest fan base on the planet with more than 60 million supporters. Their home stadium is one of the biggest statidum of the in the football world its name is old Trafford situated in more noteworthy Manchester is reliably full to limit with regards to capacity of 76,000 fans. Manchester united joined is the best football club in the course of the most last 20 years, aggregating 18 noteworthy respects. In spite of the fact that Manchester joined was not generally as effective and affluent as it is today. The club was established in 1878 yet not as Manchester United but rather as Newton Heath L and YR f.c. Newton Heath was a station for the Lancashire and Yorkshire railroads. The group played on a little football pitch close Manchester Piccadilly station for a long time before moving to Bank Street in 1893. Amid this time the club entered the football group of England and its connections with the railroads started to lessen they changed their name to Newton Heath F.C expelling further connections with the railroads and designated a club secretary. Amid their initial couple of seasons in the football class the club collected sizeable obligations adding up to over £2500 and were on the precarious edge of chapter 11 until the point when a man named J H Davies the proprietor of the neighbourhood distilleries put a lot of cash into the club and turned into the club director (para 3). To get a new beginning he changed the name from Newton Heath F.C to Manchester United F.C. The name Manchester United formally appeared in September in year 1902. Manchester joined moved back to old Trafford in 1945 after the inconveniences and with this they delegated Sir Matt Busby as there administraton.

Paragraph Assignment 4
. Sir Alex Ferguson jaoined Man Utd in 1986 and was givinen the task of taking the club back to its former glory. In his first season they finished in 11th place in the league and the pressure was bottle neck.. Ferguson’s reign as from his post, looked over in 1990 as united were not in contention for the league but thanks to Mark Hughes united went on to win the FA cup. Manchester United went ahead to general society stock trade and esteemed at £47million. Some new faces joined the club such as Eric Cantona, Gary Pallister and Denis Irwin(para 4). With this United won there first League title since 1967 in the 1992-93 season and they won the twofold season, association and FA cup).However the accompanying season 1994-95 United were just sprinters up in the class and FA container and with this administrator Alex Ferguson sold some of the groups surely understood players and supplanted them with players from their childhood institute including David Beckham, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville. The hazard satisfied as United won the twofold again in the 1995-96 turning into the principal English club ever to do so.The 1998-99 season was best season by any English club ever. Manchester United won the treble ( League, FA container, Champions group). The following couple of seasons saw United win the class in 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2007. Manchester United’s list of club honours is by far the longest in English football league history. They have accumulated 16 League titles, 11 FA cups, 16 charity shields 2 league cups 2 European cups a cup winners cup and a super cup, not bad for what was once a railway workers team playing on a bad football pitch behind a pub. Manchester United went ahead to general society stock trade and were esteemed at £47million. Joined got new ability including Eric Cantona, Gary Pallister and Denis Irwin.

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Paragraph Assignment 4
Manchester united have the greatest fan base in the world but this was not always the case. In the early days before world war two, people in Manchester were neither man united fans nor man city fans as it was impossible to travel to away games they would just go the home matches and because their was only one home match every two weeks fans would go to either of the Manchester teams home matches. This came to an end after the war as public transport was available and a fierce rivalry developed between the two clubs. Manchester united’s fan base has grown steadily over the last 60 years and after the 1958 Munich air disaster the attendance at United’s home games increased dramatically. Today Manchester united remains the strongest football team in England and the future looks promising.

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