Russell G. Smith and Peter Grabosky Australian Institute of Criminology Essay

Paper presented at the conference Crime Against Business, convened by the Australian Institute of Criminology, heldin Melbourne 18 – 19 June 1998AbstractThis paper explores criminality based research article that depicts the various forms of frauds done through plastic card payment systems. It examines the categories of frauds and how it would affect the Sydney Olympic Games due to crimes against payment systems. Numerous surveys were conducted on various facets of frauds in plastic card industryPurpose of Research StudyThis research study was conducted to identify a common kind of fraud which has spread around the world after the new technological innovations i.e. fraud through payment industry innovations namely plastic card fraud. It also triggers its impact on Sydney Olympics Games and the strategies to mitigate from the risk involved in such crimes.

The Research ProblemThe new technological inventions have formed new risks which cannot be alleviated and has greater risk and cost involved than adopting it.The Research QuestionWhat are the consequences and level of misusing card payment system?Design of the StudyThis research article has grouped the plastic card payment system into three categoriesCards used to pay before, at the time of, and after conducting a transaction. The whole article gives a broader horizon of study for each of these three categories.Quantitative Based ResearchThe research was basically on quantitative basis. The author has given different survey results. He has given various data, figures and comparison of data from the past and the present to compare the increase in fraud trends.

Methodology, Population, Sampling Methods, and Return rateThe authors have conducted survey of a group of 14 credit card fraudsters who confesses to have employed over 100 different scenarios of fraudulently using credit cards. The survey was done in United States during 1993.Findings of StudyThrough this study the authors have collected the number and value data and have compared it with those of previous collected results in order to figure out growth rates.

It was revealed that counterfeit criminals were mostly from the areas of Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Thailand.According to a report conducted in US for Asian based crimes, it is said that 40 % of counterfeit card losses globally were done by Chinese fraudsters groups based in Hong Kong.The complaint trends in Australian Payment system council due to lost or stolen cards or PINs aroused from 6,466 to 7,814.The study also gives various findings of past surveys which portrayed the kinds of frauds done through school age group children.

Conclusion and RecommendationThe author has concluded that the solution to these kinds of frauds and particularly the risk for plastic card frauds and crimes in Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, will solely depend upon the implementation of different technological and strategic choices in which Acquirers, issuers, the card Associations such as Master card and Visa and last but not the least the individual customers would play an ultimate role.Prevention, detection and investigation of such crimes must be prioritizing by the policy makers as well as the law enforcement agencies. In depth knowledge and a broader horizon of learning is required to successfully mitigate the risk of such crimes. The issuer and Acquirers should be diligently involved in providing prompt response to any such scenarios where Authorization response is required from them.New advance and high speed technology should be used for check fraud prevention which would give the retailers, merchants, issuer and acquirers to identify counterfeiting of plastic cards.These strategies should be implemented pro actively in order to to avoid risk involved in crimes in Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.My OpinionThe study was done precisely and gives only an overview of all the three kinds of categories.

If the writer would have taken only a single factor and explains it with a particular methodology, sampling techniques, the research would have been more detailed with in depth exposure to any particular kind of crime. No data Analysis was done to further elaborate the findings. 


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