Safeguarding and Protection in Health Essay

1. 1- Diversity means the difference between people and the values and beliefs that they have. there is tonss of ways in which people differ. for illustration. ability. beliefs. race. faith. gender. civilization. the differences in people are what makes an single and as a attention worker it is of import to recognize these and respect their individualism to guarantee that they feel valued and included. if I treated everyone the same or made premises or determinations for my service user’s or stereotypic people this would do them to experience unappreciated which would dent their self-esteem and more earnestly would intend I was working in a prejudiced manner and the service user would non hold their demands met. It is really of import to value diverseness in persons and work in ways that guarantee that their demands. wants and penchants are taken into history all of us as persons have this right.

By pigeonholing persons. this is the chief cause of favoritism in which we. at times have a deficiency of apprehension of differing civilizations. beliefs. for illustration ‘all black people are drug traders. ’ ‘Jewish people are average with money. ’ ‘the Irish are thick. ’ labelling and stereotyping is a signifier of being bias and media and telecasting programmes can hold a large influence on us all and the manner we look at people and immediately do opinions. we are if wholly honest guilty of making this. but as a professional care-worker it is really of import to dispute this behavior and to value everyone’s pick. beliefs. civilizations. non do premises because of the manner they look. frock or their personal beliefs and civilizations. it is of import to esteem their diverseness and work in ways that respect their determinations and run into their demands even if they differ wholly from my ain. disbursement clip with persons happening out how and where and when they want my support. how they would wish the support given. documenting their wants is really of import as this will guarantee the single feels valued. included. a attention program which is person-centred will give the best support to the person and results will be met.

Equality is about everyone being equal and guaranting that their diverseness is valued and persons are given the same services and support wherever they are from. to advance equality it is of import to happen the right degree of attention to guarantee the person can make his/her ends in life and promote them to make them even if there is sensed disadvantages for them. persons deserve the right degree of support to keep and accomplish their ends and can take part the same as person who needs none or less support. by raising the barriers this will enable the person to experience valued and construct ego regard and independency. Governments definition of societal category allows them to find what planning services are needed around the state. but there are many ways that societal category is perceived. this could be lower category. in-between category and upper category. how we determine this is by illustration: I would state persons who have really good paid professional callings and live in flush area’s of the state with top of the scope autos. who send their kids to private schools are the upper category of our society. but persons from lower category through instruction can travel around the category system.

These systems of societal categories can do at times inequality. persons from the lower category can endure from sick wellness and poorness which create many more societal and economical factors for illustration: hapless nutrition. mental wellness jobs. baby and childhood deceases. bosom disease. diabetes. Gender. disablement and age can besides be causes of inequality. this can be made worse if poorness is a factor peculiarly in the aged who live on low income. over 30 % of the aged who are entitled to pension credits do non claim it and this in bend agencies that they live in terrible want. poorness and socio-economic want are the prima causes of inequality in the united land and is made worse by attitudes for illustration. racism. sexism and favoritism against people with disablements. inclusion is about equal chances for persons. whatever their age. gender. ethnicity. attainment and background. feeling respected. experiencing a sense of belonging. being valued for who you are.

1. 2 The possible effects of favoritism can be really serious and can impact an persons self-esteem and can cut down their ability to keep their ego belief and individuality. being prejudiced because of their. for illustration sex. age. disablement. coloring material of their tegument. faith. can and will hold a damaging affect on a individuals wellbeing and doing the person to experience. angry. humiliated. depressed. low ego regard. worthless and unappreciated.

To extinguish the above as a attention worker I should ever endeavor to work in a anti-discriminatory manner and esteem a individual and their picks whatever they are. esteem their diverseness as an person. some illustrations of this would be to work to a individual centred attack to guarantee that the persons demands. wants and penchants are met. this could be cultural repast picks. guaranting linguistic communication barriers are supported. non disregarding a individual because of their differences. handling everyone every bit. dispute prejudiced behavior in my workplace. respect diverseness of persons and non force my ain positions on them.

1. 3 Inclusive pattern promotes equality and supports diverseness of the person. if we as attention workers guarantee that the persons demands are met and guaranting that no barriers are at that place that would intend that they could non experience included and made to experience worthless. By understanding the persons demands and what needs to be implemented for them to to the full take part is of import. this could be ‘a to the full working hearing assistance. good lighting. wheelchair. brassy cards. Besides being cognizant of any alterations in the persons overall wellness and recognising that at times excess support may be needed so they can still be included and carry through an active life. mentally. physically and emotionally and guarantee these are implemented.

Question 2 2. 1 2. 2

2. 1There are many statute laws and codifications of pattern associating to equality. diverseness and favoritism in my work function. It is my duty to adhere to these statute laws and follow besides my organizational policies and processs associating to the above. my duty is about protecting and bettering and non conflicting rights of others. by dis-regarding a individuals pick. entitlement is an violation of their rights. so it is vitally of import as a attention worker to hold the right balance of rights and duties. There are rights that do non hold the force of jurisprudence. these are rights under national criterions. codifications of pattern. guidelines and policies. they are enforceable within societal attention and will assist to better the quality of services that persons receive.

National Minimum Standards

England. Scotland. Wales and Northern Ireland. have their ain single organic structure and they are responsible for inspecting societal attention installations to guarantee
that they are following with the National Minimum Standards. they are: The Quality Care Commission in England. Care Commission in Scotland. The Care and Social Service Inspectorate in Wales and The Regulations Quality Improvement Authority in Northern Ireland. all these organic structures will hold there minimal criterions to inspect the quality of attention. there will be different criterions for different types of services for illustration. one set of criterions would be for a attention place for the older grownup and different set for immature people or a children’s place. besides these administrations would hold policies in topographic point to sketch what services and support that the persons utilizing these can anticipate to have. All these regulative organic structures in the UK have codifications of pattern for both employers in societal attention and besides their employees. it is my duty to advance and protect the persons rights and their involvements and keep them so they feel valued. respected. included. they will experience hold control over their ain lives. regard for equal chances. diverseness and ever maintain self-respect and privateness.

It is besides my duty to advance their independency and besides to protect them from danger or injury. besides recognise that at times they have a right to take hazards. so guarantee hazard appraisals are in topographic point to seek minimise this and all the people involved in the attention of the person that need to cognize are cognizant. Maintain trust and assurance of the person and others. edifice trust and ne’er working an person. demoing any favoritism towards them. maintain a professional relationship at all times. non take any unneeded hazards. maintaining confidentiality. non accepting gifts. effectual communicating accomplishments. declaring struggles of involvements. challenge prejudiced behavior. being accountable for my ain development. go toing preparation classs. pin indicating where extra preparation will be needed. describe any insecure pattern. follow ordinances. Maintain rights of persons and authorise them to utilize them.

There are besides duties of the employer to adhere to which are employers must guarantee that persons who are in their societal attention puting know their functions and duties. employers must hold written policies and processs so that employees reach and meet the codifications of pattern for societal attention workers this will include area’s on hazard appraisal. confidentiality. maintain records. equal chances. credence of gifts and substance maltreatment. besides the employer will and should supply supervising. effectual direction systems. systems to describe unequal resources. preparation and support to enable the employees to run into the criterions of the codification of pattern criteria’s. Employers must supply preparation for employees. ongoing supervising and development meetings. respond to employees who are happening any troubles and supply support. support employees to acetane eligibility criteria’s.

Employers besides have a duty to guarantee that they put in topographic point written policies and processs to cover with discriminatory. unsafe or exploitative behaviors and pattern. policies and processs besides must be written for the undermentioned equal chances. understating hazards of violent and pull offing violent incidents. intimidation. torment and favoritism. support webs for employees who experience any force. injury. intimidation and torment. and besides support in connexion with wellness demands. 2. 1 Employers have a duty to advance the codifications of pattern for societal attention workers. service user’s and primary carers and co-operate with the councils proceedings for illustration. informing workers of the codification. co-operate with any probes. utilize the codification to help in any determinations that need to be made. inform societal attention user’s and besides to describe any misconduct to the council.

By adhering as an employee to the codifications of pattern this will guarantee that attention will be delivered in the highest possible quality and will guarantee the service user is valued. their rights have non be infringed in any manner. it will advance their independency. the attention they are given is person-centred. self-respect and regard is promoted. the attention they are given is confidential. diverseness is promoted and they have the right degree of support that will keep that they have control over their ain lives.

It is besides of import to understand the balance between rights and duties as one service user who is exerting their rights may on some occasions restrict the rights of others. for illustration. a attention place who does non take into account cultural diets or free address of one person who is pass oning prejudiced behavior which will conflict on another persons rights to be respected and valued it is racist and prejudiced and un-acceptable and is non justified on any degree. persons have the right to be different and it is my duty to esteem their diverseness. persons have a right to pick over how they live their life. diet and modus operandis. self-respect and regard should ever be maintained. people have a right to experience safe and secure and non experience threatened in any manner. persons have a right to take hazards. pick in order to keep the persons individuality and its my duty non to enforce unneeded hazard or set the person at any hazard danger or injury.

Human Rights Act came into force on 2/10/2000. this act applies in England. Scotland. Wales and Northern Ireland. persons are entitled to seek aid from the tribunals if they believe that their human rights have been infringed. it is my duty to work within the commissariats of the Human Rights Act which for illustration warrant the rights to: life. freedom from bondage. autonomy and security of the person. freedom from anguish. a just and public test. regard for private and household life. place and correspondence. freedom of idea. scruples and faith. freedom of look. freedom of assembly and association. marry and found a household. entree to instruction. free elections. non to be subjected to the decease punishment. Legislation about equality and rights are:

All these Acts and Regulations have been superseded by a individual Equality Act 2010 and covers all the old statute laws and gives persons more protection and includes all older people and besides protection for persons non to be discriminated against on the evidences of sexual orientation. a few of the points of the act are as follows: – Protection against direct and indirect favoritism. torment. exploitation in services and public maps. premises. work. instruction. associations and conveyance. Using the hurt theoretical account to exploitation protection ( alining with the attack in employment jurisprudence ) Introducing a new construct of favoritism originating from disablement. This act will give protection to persons on rights. equality and diverseness and maintain that persons are respected and given pick

2. 2 As a attention worker it is vitally of import to esteem the beliefs. civilization. values and penchants of all the persons I support. the ways that I can make this is to put myself a high criterion of working which takes all persons picks into history and esteem these and enforce my ain penchants on the person. recognizing my ain biass nevertheless hard this may look is of import as these are a consequence of my ain values and beliefs and can make struggles in the on the job environment. it is of import to seek advice and speak with my supervisor if I feel I will fight with any issues in the work scene. being professional and understanding that we are all different and we have a right to be cared for which respects diverseness will guarantee persons feel valued even if this attention is non what I think is best for them because of my ain beliefs and what I think is better for the individual. I must guarantee that the persons I support experience valued and respected and non discriminated against in any manner. persons need to do picks about how they wish to populate their lives. holding the right balance is vitally of import it will give the single authorization to do these picks which exercise their rights. experience valued and construct self-pride.

What besides is really of import is to ne’er digest any prejudiced behaviors in the workplace and I should ever dispute these behaviors at every degree and describe these concerns to my director instantly. my workplace policies and processs need to be adhered excessively which will hold processs in topographic point that regard diverseness are acknowledged and respected and these must be followed. the types of behavior that are unacceptable for illustration: repast picks that does non provide for cultural penchants. non esteeming individualism. taking persons pick to do their ain informed determinations. non keeping independency for the service user. non demoing empathy and giving self-respect and regard.

Question 3 3. 1 3. 2 3. 3

3. 1 As a attention worker it is of import to recognize that persons have a right to be supported in ways that will guarantee that they are valued. respected and are included and besides that their diverseness is valued and are treated every bit. persons have a right to take part in mundane life and activities every bit independently as possible. the support they receive should be person-centred which will keep they have the right degree of support and promotes pick of the person and entree to other services that may be needed so the person can accomplish their best potency and will construct self-esteem. I must be as a attention worker flexible in the support that I give as support can alter. so it is my duty to be cognizant of alterations so right degrees of support is still to be given that maintains the person is at the Centre of any alterations and determinations to be made and their pick. wants and penchants are maintained.

Care and support should be given to the persons in the ways that they require and non to accommodate the constitution that I work in. societal support services have changed dramatically over recent old ages as personalisation agenda’s is guaranting pick and control are steadfastly in the custodies of the service user’s utilizing attention support services. direct payments and single budgets are widely used today which will give service user’s control over. how. when and who gives them support.

The impact of impotence is damaging to serve user’s as this will lend to their self-esteem and how valued that they will experience. as human beings we all like to experience valued and for others to understand and esteem who we are. besides to esteem the picks and the manner we live. if this was taken off from us or serve user’s they would experience un-valued and would hold negative effects on their well being behaviors and assurances. besides would hold impact on their independency and control over their ain life which in bend would do the person more dependent. they besides could so in bend have low self-prides and experience useless and down. Persons who feel confident and happy. valued and loved will be far more enthusiastic to take part and seek to make every bit much for themselves as possible.

3. 2 At one clip persons were told the degree of attention they can have. how it would be given and the times they would have it. in 2005 the White Paper Our Health. our attention and a farther policy Puting people foremost in 2007 changed the manner attention was given and is still to day of the month developing. it is indispensable that control is given to the persons. one time appraisals have been made and a budget given to the person they can make up one’s mind the sum and type of attention they wish for and besides they can take to hold the carer they want.

3. 3Thier could be times when back uping an person. that I identify a individuals rights but they are unable to exert their right through either physical or mental barriers. it is my duty as a attention worker to recognize this and entree farther aid or information. this could be for illustration: affect an advocator who will reason a instance for another individual. they will seek to understand the persons position and argues their instance. my ain administration will hold processs in topographic point that will help me in deriving the services of people who will move as advocators for them. It may besides originate that I will necessitate to back up an person in a more informal manner this could be for illustration ‘A twenty-four hours Centre that is non carry throughing a cultural demand of an individual’ it is my duty to dispute this with the director and guarantee that this will be corrected instantly and the persons cultural demands are being met.

It is of import to guarantee that I provide support that will promote the person to take control and do their ain picks and determinations that will enable them maximal engagement in every facet of their lives and if possible make their ain determinations and merely put the support in on the spreads that the can non perchance make for themselves. if I witnessed a prejudiced incident I would turn to the state of affairs by describing it to my director and entering it instantly. By making this it is more likely to be dealt with in the appropriate mode If I overheard person doing a prejudiced comment or non advancing equality or valuing diverseness I would dispute them in a composure and professional manner and state them that what they were stating or making. is unacceptable and explain why.

I could besides add that I am disquieted and offended by their discriminatory words and actions and that it is improper. In a work scene. favoritism can be a disciplinary affair and policies and processs are in topographic point to cover with this. I could actively dispute favoritism by moving as a function theoretical account for positive behavior and by authorising people to dispute favoritism themselves. Discrimination normally occurs through ignorance. By doing a individual cognizant of the facts it will educate them and hopefully change their sentiments and actions in the hereafter.


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