Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People Sample Essay

1. 1. Identify current statute law. guidelines. policies and processs for safeguarding the public assistance of kids and immature people. All kids have the right to be kept safe and looked after. The United Nations Convention on the rights of a kid ( 1989 ) is a pact that sets out the rights and freedoms of all kids in a set of 54 articles. Children’s Act 1989: Identifies the duties of parents and professionals who must work to guarantee the safety and public assistance of the child/young individual.

Two of import subdivisions included in the act are: Section 47- the local authorization has “a responsibility to look into when there is sensible cause to surmise that a kid is enduring or likely to endure. important injury. ” Section 17 – services must be put into topographic point to “safeguard and advance the public assistance of kids within the country who are in demand. ” The Education Act 2002: Sets out the duties of L. E.

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A’s. regulating organic structures. caput instructors and all those working in schools to guarantee that kids are kept safe and free from injury. Children’s Act 2004: Provides the legal model for EVERY CHILD MATTERS. Requirements include– Services to work more closely. therefore organizing an incorporate service.– A common appraisal of children’s demands.– A shared database of information which is relevant to the safety of children/young people.

– Earlier support for parents who are confronting jobs.

The Safeguarding Policy in my scene is laid out to guarantee all staff in our school are clear about the actions necessary with respect to a kid protection issue. It aims to: – Raise the consciousness of all staff and identify duties in describing possible instances of maltreatment.

– Ensure effectual communicating between all staff when covering with child protection issues. – Lay down the correct processs for those who encounter an issue of child protection. The policy lays out the right process to follow if anybody suspects a kid may be the victim of maltreatment. The policy names the appointed kid protection officers in school.

and outlines the processs that will be taken. If I had any concerns about the safety or public assistance of any kid in my scene. I would travel to any of the 3 kid protection officers. and province my concerns.

This would so be referred to the appropriate bureau. who will so take action. The E-Safety policy highlights the demand to educate children/young people about the benefits. hazards and duties of utilizing information engineering.1. 2: Describe the functions of different bureaus involved in safeguarding the public assistance of kids and immature people. Schools: Each grownup at school has a duty to guarantee the safety and public assistance of all kids. There must be a named member of staff to set about duties in respects to safeguarding kids.

and besides for e-safety. Duties include: – developing consciousness so the kid knows what is acceptable. – know. support and protect kids who are known to be on the “at hazard registry. ” – observe for marks that maltreatment may be go oning. eg.

alterations in behavior. and refer any concerns. – proctor. maintain records and portion appropriate information with other bureaus.

Children’s Social Care: Cardinal function to safeguard and advance the safety and public assistance of a kid in demand. If found that a kid is at hazard. societal workers will: – carry out an initial appraisal of kid thought to be at hazard. – meet and interview the kid and household members.– liaise with and garner information about the kid and fortunes from other bureaus involved. – take action when a kid is thought to be in immediate danger. Police: Must work closely with children’s societal attention to protect kids from injury. Each force has a kid abuse probe unit.

Roles and duties include:-making determinations on whether a offense has been committed. and if so. get downing an probe.– working with other bureaus to garner information.– take immediate action if the kid is in at hand danger.– go toing tribunal to give grounds.

Health Professionals: have a responsibility to describe any hurts which they suspect are non-accidental. They must besides:– contribute to children’s societal attention records.– carry out medical examinations/observations of a kid thought to be at hazard of maltreatment. – give grounds in tribunal. if a offense has been committed.


O 22. 2. Describe the actions to take when a child/young individual is sick or injured. Every school must hold at least one to the full qualified first aider. In my scene. every member of staff has an exigency first-aid in school certification. myself included.

If a kid suffers a minor hurt. these can usually be dealt with in school. e. g. a bumped caput may necessitate an ice-pack or cold compaction. Cuts and grazes cleaned with H2O. and a plaster applied. if applicable.

An accident signifier must be filled in and a transcript kept for school records and a transcript sent place to the parent/carer. If you have witnessed the incident. you should observe the inside informations and action taken. If it is a more serious hurt. the parent/carer will be contacted. This might include if a kid has vomited or has a cut that may necessitate more pressing medical attending. e. g.

2. 3: Identify fortunes when kids and immature people may necessitate pressing medical attending. Fortunes when a kid may necessitate pressing medical attending are: – suspected break– Epileptic ictus– external respiration troubles– Unconsciousness– Head hurt– Severe hemorrhageIf a kid requires pressing medical attending.

there are certain processs that must be adhered to– reassure the kid– If a kid is unconscious. set them in the recovery place

– do non give them anything to eat or imbibe– guarantee any other kids are non at hazard of being hurt or injured.
2. 4: Describe actions to take in response to exigency state of affairss.

Fires: In my scene. in the event of emptying. all kids and staff must go forth the edifice with their category under the supervising of the category teacher/teaching helper in the category at that clip. They must go forth by the nearest fire issue and assemble on the resort area.

in the designated country. Once at that place. a registry call will be taken to guarantee all individuals have left the edifice. Security Incidents: In my scene.

security is taken really earnestly. We have one chief entryway into school for visitants during the twenty-four hours. This entryway is operated by the receptionist. and opens into a certain anteroom. To derive farther entree into the edifice. another door release must be activated by the receptionist.

All visitants must subscribe in earlier come ining the edifice. and declare who they are sing and the company they represent. They so sign out when they leave ; this besides helps in the event of an emptying.

If any individual is found clearly non demoing their visitants badge. they are challenged instantly and escorted back to response to happen out who they are and the nature of their visit. The kids enter and issue the school through another set of doors that lead onto the resort area.

During school hours. the resort area Gatess are kept locked to guarantee no security incident takes topographic point. Missing children/Young individuals: If all security processs are followed right and suited safeguards taken. so it is extremely improbable that a kid would travel losing from my scene. However. if a kid was to be found losing.

so the dismay needs to be raised instantly. This would be done calmly and discreetly. so as non to straiten the other kids. The individual who has discovered the losing kid would guarantee the remainder of the kids in their attention are decently supervised. and so describe to the caput and office staff. who would carry on a systematic hunt of the country where the kid was last seen. If the kid is non found to be on site.

both the constabulary and the parents would be informed instantly.L. O 33. 1. Identify the features of different types of kid maltreatment. Physical maltreatment:– Physically aching or wounding a kidThis could be by– striking-kicking-biting– agitating-beating with an object. such as a belt.

Emotional maltreatment:-the uninterrupted maltreatment of a kid. so that it affects their emotional development -the uninterrupted squelch of a kid. so much so that they frequently feel worthless and unloved. Emotional maltreatment frequently coincides with other signifiers of maltreatment. but can happen entirely.


– Not being decently cared for– The failure to run into a child’s basic demands. i. e. . shelter.

nutrient. love– Not supplying equal wellness and alveolar consonant attention

Sexual maltreatment:– Inappropriate touching of a kid– coercing them to look at sexual images-placing them in sexual state of affairss.

3. 3: Describe the actions to take in response to grounds or concerns that a kid or immature individual has been abused or harmed. There may be no physical grounds to propose that a kid or immature individual is being abused. Children may besides endure from more than one type of maltreatment. e.

g. A kid who is neglected may besides be enduring from emotional maltreatment. in the signifier of intimidation because their apparels are soiled or their basic hygiene is non good. As a instruction helper. I feel that you are in a really good place to notice alterations in children’s behavior.

and other marks of possible maltreatment. The marks I would look out for are as follows:PHYSICAL ABUSEPhysical signs| Behavioural signs|Grasp marks| May be withdrawn|Unexplained Burnss. contusions. fractures| Flinching when touched or approached| Bite marks| Reluctance to discase for p. e|Marks demoing the lineation of an implement. i. e.

A belt buckle| Aggressive behaviour|

EMOTIONAL ABUSEPhysical signs| Behavioural signs|Delay in physical development| Low ego esteem|Delay in emotional development| Difficulty in doing friends| Speech disorders| Self-harming behaviour|| Poor concentration|

SEXUAL ABUSEPhysical signs| Behavioural signs|trouble in walking or sitting| Displaying inappropriate sexual behaviour| Bruises or scratches| Withdrawn/confused|Vaginal bleeding| Using sexually explicit language|Love bites| Self-harming behaviour|

DisregardPhysical signs| Behavioural signs|Hunger| Stealing nutrient from other children|Poor personal hygiene| Poor school attendance|Inadequate clothing| Difficulty doing friends|Untreated wellness problems/poor dental hygiene| Seeking attention|

Bullying and self-harming are besides signifiers of maltreatment. Bullying is really straitening for the victim. and can take many signifiers. Physical intimidation – striking or endangering to utilize physical force Emotional intimidation – name naming or distributing rumorsRacial bullying- utilizing inappropriate racial linguistic communication.Self-harm is when a child/young individual intentionally causes injury to themselves. Signs to look out for are cuts and abrasions ( sometimes rather deep ) to the weaponries. legs and venters.

bald spots on scalp. Burnss or scalds.
In response to any grounds or concerns I may hold. no affair how little they seem. I would ever:– listen to the kid carefully and remain composures– Never promise to maintain the information a secret– compose down everything that I have been told– Always explain what will hold to be done following– Never inquire unfastened ended inquiries– Always reassure the kid that they are in no manner to fault for what is happening/ has happened to them.

It is your responsibility to describe this straightaway to your safeguarding/ kid protection officer. who so has a responsibility to do a referral to the appropriate bureau.

3. 4: Describe the actions to take in response to concerns that a co-worker may be neglecting to follow with safeguarding processs.

or may be harming. mistreating or strong-arming a child/young individual. If I had any concerns affecting one of my co-workers.

I would follow the same stairss as I would if I had concerns that a kid was being abused or harmed by a household member or household friend. I would describe it to the safeguarding officer. giving a elaborate history of what I had observed or had concerns about. I would non discourse my concerns with anyone else as the co-worker I had concerns about may hold a opportunity to seek and do alibis for their behavior.3. 5: Describe the rules and boundaries of confidentiality and when to portion information. All staff who work in schools has to keep confidentiality.

as they are constructing trust with the kids. their parents/carers and other members of staff. It is non appropriate to discourse personal and confidential information unless required to make so. e.

g. If you had any concerns about a kids safety and public assistance. Information may so be shared in order to place the best manner to cover with the state of affairs Information may besides be shared in staff meetings.

or when discoursing single kids with your category instructor.


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