Sambaing del Norte Essay

Felicitate Sample, for letting me have my pre-tests with the bargain health workers of Mutual and for welcoming us into her community. Dry. Fatal Gunning, our community preceptor, for guiding us in our research and encouraging us to always do our best. The Bargain Health Workers of Mutual, Semen, and Pain, for their participation and eagerness to attend the meetings conducted. Kayak Booty, for the one-hour drive to Pain despite the rough road; Kayak Mike, for translating my questionnaires to Bissau; Kayak McCoy, for providing the snacks during my post-intervention tests. Putrid, Sahara, and Anza, my sisters in Alto, for their friendship and great effort in assisting me during my intervention.The Alto Syndicate, Sinai Band, Team Baja, and Venus Group, for making the Semen Joseph, for his sacrifices, and for showing me that strength can be limitless.

Uncle Lionel, Ninny, and Eely, for providing me a house to live and embracing me as part of their family. My brothers Sonny and Stephen, and my sister Pamela, for financing this research ND for their support in my medical studies. My late parents, Santiago and Cecilia Alfalfa, for serving as my inspiration. Thank You! Ma. Christina R. Alfalfa Bargain Health Workers are the front-liners of our health care system. Further trainings of Bows could improve their competency in terms of detection and first-line management of common illnesses in the community.

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Thus, this study was focused in determining the effect of a training program on the knowledge and skills of Bows in the detection and management of diarrhea diseases in the Pain, Sambaing del Norte. The training program consisted of lecture, demonstration, problem-solving exercises, and video clips; which were conducted in a span of 3 hours to 17 Bows of Pain. Knowledge was measured using a self-administered 20-item questionnaire and skills were determined through an 1 5-item objective checklist. The results showed that before the training, the mean knowledge score is 8.

471 (42%), which increased significantly to 13. 235 (66%) during post-intervention 1 test taken immediately after the training (p-value


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