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Juan Tama Management Dynamics March 25, 2008 Planning EX. Corporation EX.

Corporation consist of rental properties in real estate. EX. Corporation let tenants rent apartments for a specific amount of time which depends on the tenants contract. EX. Corporation also rent rooms for computer school. EX. also rent properties to Allied Bank ,Goldbricks, Star shop and other commercial businesses. The purpose of this topic is to inform Ex.

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‘s Corporation of how to expand its businesses and more market for tenants for rental properties.The options are by mergers, acquisition of other businesses and partnership opportunities. My main reaction to this case study in EX. Corporation is shocking . Because of rising subdivisions and housing programs today. EX. Corporation can make an analysis and make strategic plans to come up with solutions or alternative options for the current problems.

EX. company earn for the last three decades. The problems right now in EX. company are a. )Stagnation b. )The hiring of new batch of employees c. Decline of market )Competitive price of rental and commercial properties.

EX. company is in stagnation . Tenants nowadays prefer to buy a house then pay rent for its residence. EX. company were hiring new batch of employees to replace the aging employees who worked for his company for the last thirty years. EX. company have decreased in profits due to affordable housing and government housing programs. EX.

Corporation have some stiff competition on rental of residential and commercial properties. Our group worksheets were about a. Rainstorm b)escalating commitment c)rigorous debate.

The effectiveness of our group was quite efficient and informational. When we discuss about the SOOT analysis which were the strength, weakness, opportunities and threat of the business we discuss a lot of ideas regarding Edmunds business. Brainstorming, we share a lot of ideas for the soot analysis of Edmunds business . Escalating commitment, we filter our ideas and made it in a short concept. Rigorous debate, some of our group members challenge each points of view.

The reader recommends for EX. company to do a. ) SOOT analysis b. )strategic management process c. )goal setting.

SOOT analysis, the writer wants EX. to know the strength, weakness opportunities and threats of his company. Strategic management process, the reader wants EX. to a. ) scan the external environment b.

)identify strategic factors c. )evaluate mission, goals and strategy d. )formulate strategy e. ) implement strategy f. )scan internal environment g. )identify strategic factors.

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