Sample Persuasive Speech About Activism

This sample persuasive speech was sent in by a visitor to this website, Jimmy from Malawi, who is passionate about activism and urges others to join him. It is clear from his speech that this is a topic about which he has strong feelings, and this makes his message very powerful. If YOU have to deliver a persuasive speech, be sure to pick a subject you care about on which to base your presentation.

True passion shines through – it’s very difficult to persuade others to do something when you’re not actually that convinced yourself!

Start of Sample Persuasive Speech

Become an ActivistMy fellow young people, ladies and gentlemen. Firstly I should like to sincerely thank you for considering becoming activists, with the goal of making this world a better place for all of us. Being a young person growing up in a rural part of the developing world, I have never liked to be called a “leader of tomorrow”. Many of our politicians have adopted this phrase, always calling the youths “leaders of tomorrow”. Are you one of the leaders of tomorrow? As for me, I strongly deny that, I am a leader of TODAY and tomorrow. To me, leadership is not a process, but a natural choice based on how well one is able to lead and influence.If we are to go back to records of most of the well documented past events, we had prominent figures like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandhi and Martin Luther King Jnr – to mention just a few – who still stand as examples of what an activist must be. They are the people who, on our behalf, took a stand to decide on how the future of our world should look.

Ladies and gentlemen, the actions of these people I have mentioned turned some stones and put in place some precedents we still enjoy today. They were true activists, with no corrupt minds at all.There are many issues facing us today, which really need our collective attention. We talk of global warming and climate change, human trafficking, terrorism, high rates of unemployment, poverty and hunger in the developing world; all these issues need our attention as leaders of today.It is not too late for us to become activists and stand together in a common battle of making this world a conducive living place for all of us. We can all do something to change this world, to be what we want to see out of it.

Ladies and gentlemen, changing the world is not a matter of carrying on our shoulders weapons of mass destruction. It is not an issue of holding terrorising demonstrations in our streets. It is not about looting public places; but it is about coming up with good initiatives and constructive actions. Yes! Constructive actions.

We are today living in a world which others created for us. We, too, can partner to combat all these universal problems if we are to forget ourselves. We should stop thinking as individuals; we should always think globally and act locally. Yes! We can. The issue of global warming is real and we have already seen its devastating effects. It is not too late to hold our hands and together create a better world for ourselves and the other generations to come.

If we are to move forward with our fight, our activism must be based on sharing information, knowledge, skills, time and resources. We need to pull up our sleeves and get geared for real action. The knowledge and skills we have acquired naturally, academically and through experiences, should help us shape this world into something we want to see as our own product. My fellow young people, the robe we need to wear is heavy. Challenges will be there, but we must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. If you look at what our fore-fathers did to attain the same freedom we are enjoying today, you will agree with me that they fell down many times, but their courage to get up each time they were down was the only passport to the land of freedom they got at last. Ladies and gentlemen, let us fight with courage, hope, objectivity and with unity. Fall seven times, stand up eight; this should be our motto!Ladies and gentlemen, let us take these universal adversities as our opportunities to show the world our best.

As Nelson Mandela said: “The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but rising every time we fail.” Let darkness in this fight at last show us the stars.In conclusion, I believe that we are all geared to do something to positively change this world into what we want to see.

Let us be the change we want to see and that change will come for us.Thank you very much for your attention. End of Sample Persuasive Speech I hope this sample persuasive speech inspired you to write one of your own, and to think carefully about your topic.

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