Sample Survey Essay

I feel that my superior always recognizes he work done by me I I I I feel valued by my company I have a good relationship with manager. I I would like to have more incentives other than the 13th month pay.

I Job Security I I Organization recognizes and acknowledges your work. I Organizational Policies motivates for achieving its aims and objectives I Reasonable periodical increase in salary I I Support from the other staff members is helpful to get motivated I The manager recognizes my achievements. I I Next, please tick the appropriate answer.This part of the survey would measure the environmental factors that affect your productivity. I Strongly Disagree I Disagree I Fair I Agree I Strongly Agree I provided in the organization.

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I feel secured in their Job I Our company has a fire extinguisher. I Good physical working conditions are I The employees in the organization Our company has first aid kit. I We are not comfortable Witt our chairs. Let’s too I The dusts are giving allergies. I My co-workers are noisy. I I’m distracted with my co-workers noise. I get the attention of my noisy co-workers.

I poor lighting in our company. I vying allergies. (air pollution) I much time sitting in a chair.

Our chairs are run down. I I I’m not comfortable. I I I cut my hand while sewing. I I fear burglars might come in our company. I I got a lot of physical ailments from my work. Not in our working station. I The management does not I I My eyes are hurt from the Smoke coming from the outside is My feet hurt because of spending too I get backaches from our chairs.

I I Security is not tight. How are you motivated? Kindly encircle your answer. Which type of incentives motivates you more? .

Incentive Awards b. Promotion c. Appreciation letters How far you are satisfied with the incentives provided by the Organization? A. Highly Satisfied b. Satisfied c.

Dissatisfied d. Highly Dissatisfied Which of the following factors which motivates you most? A. Salary Increase c. Leave d. Motivational talks e.

Recognition Do you think that incentives and other benefits will influence your performance? A. Influence b. Does not influence c. No Opinion This part of the survey determines your fatigue level.

Kindly fill in the circles completely. – Top of Form 1 . R the last 6 months, how much have you dealt with severe fatigue? None Mild Moderate All the time 2. How much deed brain tog and difficulty Eng? None Severe nave you experience


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