Sandwich Blitz Essay

Creating a position between the CEO and location managers would be somewhat a good idea.

I see that as a bad idea for them right now because how they are running their business it’s a day to day decision. If they create that position that’s another salary they have to afford and it doesn’t seem like they are ready for it yet. A good thing about it is that they can have a certain person focus on the pros and cons of the business and see the inside and outside of the business.It seems to be that they want to hire an area director to go around to locations and see how the sales are and how the store is being run. Also that person can help Dalman and Lei advertise their business and try to get it on local radio stations, flyers, newspaper, and coupons for repeating customers, and maybe even designing a mascot to go on the sidewalk and pass out the coupons and bring people in.

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I would also say yes and no to the second question. The yes part I would say of a couple of reasons one that Dalman and Lei can probably start the pay lower than hiring a new upper manager to fill the position.Another point is that manager already hired in the business knows all about the Sandwich Blitz and has somewhat an idea of the sales and understands how Dalman and Lei want to run their operation. The no part is that they could hire someone with more experience in the business world and possibly a better resume. He could give Dalman and Lei some business input and they would have more options on the person they are looking for to help them. Well it’s kind of easy to say that Dalman and Lei makes the decisions since it’s their business and what they put into it.

If Dalman and Lei hire someone maybe they can have some input and be part of the decision making. I think Dalman and Lei should get someone from the outside to help make business decisions. It seems to me that they need someone with time and energy that will help the business. They should have a round table discussion weekly or monthly and start a strategic planning board and make long term goals for the business. After that then they should talk about franchising the company.

If they hire a new upper manager they will have another level of management.The location managers would be operational managers. If Dalman and Lei hire a new manager they would be considered a middle level manager. Now Dalman and Lei would be considered top level managers. They are the ones to lead and control the business.

Dalman and Lei would have top authority of the business and maybe someday they will promote a manager and help them out like I said earlier. Dalman and Lei needs to organize everything and make some big decisions about their business sooner or later before it folds.


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